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Giving Birth on Live TV: Weird or Wonderful?

This makes a Facebook announcement seem so inadequate. In case you missed it, Today has been airing live births as part of its "Born Today" series, which focuses on what it's like having kids in the modern world. It touches on the prenatal and postnatal realities that parents face these days, and part of that coverage means capturing childbirth at hospitals across the country.

As you'd probably expect, reactions have been mixed, with some people calling the idea sweet and priceless, while others saying it's "one of the weirdest things" on TV and totally invasive. We want to know where you stand, so weigh in below!

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SallyBackhaus SallyBackhaus 3 years
I'd love to have both my birth experiences shown together so people could see how much healthier the baby is and how much faster mom recovers when you've got enough life experience to tell the doctor to get bent than when you go along to get along and let them control the birth.
Sarah14980749 Sarah14980749 3 years
I'm with miss nanny...... Some stuff is just meant to be private....make a video for yourself, that's fine....but live TV?? Heck no!
Christi14980723 Christi14980723 3 years
I'd love too! I don't have any video of my 5 births and it's always so amazing to me how we missed them all! I'd love to have more documented on homebirths and natural childbirth so we can see the many ways of birthing including hospitals and medical interventions and , cesarean. Come on over!
missnanny missnanny 3 years
Some things are meant to be private and this is one of them.
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