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Study: Most Twins Can Be Born Without a C-Section

Most moms can safely give birth to twins without a Cesarean section, even though they are performed on three-fourths of all twin births, the Associated Press reports. A new study questions the need for C-sections, especially as the number of procedures is on the rise as infertility treatments lead to more multiple births. The research, which appears in the New England Journal of Medicine, notes that of 2,800 pregnant women in 25 countries, all of the first of twins to be delivered were in a good position, suggesting that a C-section may not be necessary, even though half of the moms were scheduled to have the procedure.

"The results do not indicate that all sets of twins should be delivered vaginally," the study concludes, but Dr. Michael Greene of Massachusetts General Hospital implies that C-sections should be less routine and be used as a reasonable choice when an experienced doctor becomes aware of a potential complication. 

If you have twins, how did you deliver them?

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IdaByrdHill IdaByrdHill 3 years
I delivered at 38 weeks as I could no longer carry the weight. I delivered my twins vaginally. They were born 20 minutes apart. The irony, my twins will be 20 in November. My daughter was almost breach and they wanted to perform a c-section. I politely declined and waited on her to turn into the delivery position.
SadeeMcInturff SadeeMcInturff 3 years
My twins where born @ 38 weeks with almost two hours between them and yes I delivered vaginally. My whole team went to lunch because baby B finally had some leg room, lol!
PhoebeSterrett PhoebeSterrett 3 years
Twin A (lower of the two) in my first set of twins was head down; he and his brother were delivered vaginally. It was our preference and a decision made with our doctors' support, done with a test dosage epidural just in case. Twin A in my second set of twins was feet first for the second half of the pregnancy. We were hoping that he would turn, but his leg was wedged pretty good in there and it was probably he who kicked the bag of waters open when the time came. So second set was an emergency C-section. That was fine too. Having been through both, I think the most important thing is to be as well-informed as possible about either method. If you have a choice, choose what's best for you and your babies. No one can predict exactly what will happen at delivery time, but it's amazing how less stressful an already very stressful situation is when you have an idea of what to expect and knowing that the 'how' is likely not to matter at all weeks later when you're loving on your babies.
konorman konorman 3 years
My twins were born a little over a year ago by vaginal birth at 36 weeks. Baby B was breech but my doctor was able to flip her after Baby A was delivered. They were born 8 minutes apart. C-section was only an option for me if Baby A was breech. My OB is amazing and was able to get Baby B out safely and quickly, but I delivered in an OR just in case there were complications. My OB is one of the few that doesn't schedule a C-section for all twins. People are always surprised to learn my twins weren't born by C-section.
RhiannonStevens RhiannonStevens 3 years
My twins were born via c-section at 38 weeks due to the lowest twin being feet first so they said was too risky to try and deliver her first as there heads may get stuck. Was a really fast procedure and I felt confident it was the best for babies & me. A water birth would have been my idea but was told this was too risky with twins even if they were in correct position as the chances of complications are much higher with multiple births.
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