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Giving Gifts to a Teacher Could Land You in Jail

Giving Gifts to a Teacher Could Land You in Jail

Are you shopping for a gift for your child's teacher? Be careful if you live in Alabama!

A new law in that state limiting gifts to teachers is raising eyebrows in both the parenting and teaching communities. According to ABC News, an Alabama teacher who accepts "a Christmas ham or a $25 gift card" from a student is breaking Alabama's ethics law and could be sentenced to up to one year in jail and a $6,000 fine if (s)he accepts the gifts.

The law, which took effect earlier this year, is considered to be too tough by many. Concerns have also been raised around the fact that it doesn't define an appropriate gift amount, making it hard for parents to know what is an acceptable gift or not.

Read more here (ABC News)

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JessicaGood56272 JessicaGood56272 5 years
Teachers work hard and don't get the pay they deserve. It's our right to show them our well deserved gratitude, and they should not have to be penelized for it. Why is it okay for an overpaid underworked politician to accept millions?
AndreaRuff59224 AndreaRuff59224 5 years
OKAY THIS IS HORRIBLE! And just goes right along with taking God out of schools! SO now with our new generation of children being raised to not only think THEY SHOULD BE HAPPY ALL THE TIME WE ADD THEY SHOULD NOT GIVE! ! It is a sad day when giving is not accepted and even punishable by LAW! so why can't I complain that giving my tax dollar to drug using parents should be outlawed and I can't even afford to go to the Dr or a counselor? Our country is VERY MIXED UP! But God is still in control! And I say pray for this whole COUNTRY!
YaniraFranco YaniraFranco 5 years
As a teacher it makes no difference if it is a flower from a garden, a drawing a hug I teach because I love my job. A gift makes no difference I love all of my kids the same that is why I teach. This law is rediculous
LilybethCario LilybethCario 5 years
i don't see any mistake in giving gifts to our children's teachers.for me gifts are not enough to repay their sacrifices in teaching our children.
LilybethCario LilybethCario 5 years
giving gift to teachers who serve as second parents to our children, is the simplest way to repay their sacrifices.
BettyMartin BettyMartin 5 years
I think this is the craziest thing I have probably ever heard! How in the world did the law/government ever get involved anyway?
AngelaMunroe AngelaMunroe 5 years
This is a bunch of crap! Just another example of government sticking their nose where it DOESN'T belong!
LanaDillon39623 LanaDillon39623 5 years
That sucks to the very core of the matter! Teachers don't make much money as it is, why penalize them for accepting a gift?
NicoleBarton50941 NicoleBarton50941 5 years
I think this is just ridiculous. Teachers are terribly underpaid and often spend a great deal of money out of their own pockets on supplies and other things for the class and kids. I am a homeroom mom and I have always collected from the parents in my daughter's classes to give nice gift cards to her teachers. That way all of the students are included, as every child's name is on the card whether or not they contributed financially. And I can tell you that most teachers will go and use a Target gift card to purchase more items for the classroom anyways!
JoednaMcDowell39339 JoednaMcDowell39339 5 years
Very often I've complained how our Southern states are always last in line to implement good ideas. (Except Christmas of course! Afterall, Alabama is the first state to begin celebrating it!) But now with this, they are the first to initiate a stupid law! Who'd a thunk it?!
KellySchulze KellySchulze 5 years
I look at my kids teachers as 2nd parents to them so if I wanted to buy them a car for Christmas I should be able to!! Teacher's get paid very little & they are the back bone(besides parents) to our kids future & the future of America!! I think everyone should buy their kids teachers presents if they can. Homemade things are great too!!!
Rikayah Rikayah 5 years
I know the purpose of this law is to prevent bribery, but it is just silly. I've received many gifts from students over the years (birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day, etc) and I've never treated them with any different/better than those students who didn't give me gifts. It's just their way of saying thank you.
ElaineRushing ElaineRushing 5 years
The ethics of most teachers are guided by giving and not receiving. Most teachers are spending their own money on students that do not have snack money, field trip money not to mention the groceries and school supplie bought by teachers for their students. This rule is one more way the Alabama lawmakers are showing their absurdity
TheresaDesarroRevilak TheresaDesarroRevilak 5 years
This is just ridiculous. We always brought little gifts in to our teacher to show our appreciation. I'm with you Stephanie. Don't they have anything better to do?
ChanteLaviscount ChanteLaviscount 5 years
this is crazy
ChanteLaviscount ChanteLaviscount 5 years
this is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
CrystalHayes31686 CrystalHayes31686 5 years
That is such a crazy law for any state. I live in Mo. But things are getting way out of hand. I don't find it wrong for kid's to give their teacher's gifts. We did it when I was growning up. I think people need to just use a little common sense when it comes to certain things.
WandaMedley WandaMedley 5 years
This soooo stupid people have been giving gifts to their teachers for years. It's just to show how much she or he is loved.
SuzieKontra SuzieKontra 5 years
Teachers dont make that much to begin with - how about gift giving to our local politicians?! Now that should be against the law! Ridiculous!
VivienneMcDonald VivienneMcDonald 5 years
How sad... that the powers that be think we can't make our own decisions on what is appropriate. I give a great gift if the teacher is a wonderful and a smaller gift if the teacher isn't so great. I don't want to be told there's a dollar limit on my own choice of level of present. Okay we can make our own gifts, if we haven't much money but honestly who has time to spend making treats for all the relevant teachers and other people involved in our children's lives. When are these 'powers' going to stopping being so PC, and allowing for the worst case in every scenario! It's Christmas, a time for giving, for sharing and for the wonderful people who give so much time and energy for our children, it's a time to show our appreciation.
Jessica16373 Jessica16373 5 years
I just sent my daughter to school with cards for all her teachers.
KimberlyKozakis KimberlyKozakis 5 years
oops. REAL cases, not read cases.
KimberlyKozakis KimberlyKozakis 5 years
Based on most of the comments, I'm guessing you didn't read the full article. It did say that homemade gifts and other gifts with a nominal value were still allowed. And that a parent volunteer would be allowed to collect small amounts of money from each family to pool for a gift card. I do agree that it is going overboard, but they are just trying to avoid the potential for bribery. Sad that there were probably read cases that made this happen.
TammyDavis64979 TammyDavis64979 5 years
Teachers don't get payed what they are worth so how is to stop you from adding to there cheer each year. This is why teachers are going to the private sector and leaving the public schools.
AllanaMitchell AllanaMitchell 5 years
what better way to show a teacher that theyre appreciated than to include them in the christmas shopping? not saying go extravagant, but accepting a gift card could land the teacher in jail?! seriously!? maybe the law makers should be jailed and fined for accepting gifts from the public!
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