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Kids Who Have Regular Bedtimes Behave Better

Could the secret to good behavior be a regular bedtime? That's the conclusion British scientists have reached, after discovering that kids with inconsistent bedtimes were rated by both mothers and teachers as being more hyperactive than their better-rested peers, The Huffington Post reports. The study of 7-year-olds also found that children without regular, routine bedtimes had more social, emotion, and conduct problems.

The results, published in Pediatrics, also revealed that behavior grew worse the more years a child spent without a firm bedtime. To find out how soon their behavior improved once the kids started sleeping better, read the whole story on The Huffington Post.

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TracyStuart TracyStuart 3 years
Ummm...did the study take other factors into account? Maybe the fact that kids with inconsistent bedtimes *might* also have inconsistent rules and therefore act out because they aren't sure where their boundaries are? Or maybe WHY the kids have inconsistent bedtimes might be indicative as to "behavioral" problems? Also, let's think outside the box for a minute: what exactly is considered "hyperactive" and "social, emotion, and conduct problems"? Are these kids given more freedom to explore under less rigid rules and therefore find things more exciting and interesting than their "better-rested" peers? Basically, are we considering kids who sit quietly and do everything they are told without the ability to think or act of their own volition somehow "better" children? As hair pulling as it can be, I will take my obstinate and strong willed children any day over one who always does what they are told without question. When I talk about my parenting methods, most people are appalled at the lack of "control" I put over my kids and yet - without fail - my kids are the ones who are praised for being smart, witty, a joy to have around, well behaved, responsible and mature. Do we have set bedtimes? Not in the slightest. Just get enough sleep to stay healthy. If you stay up late then you have to deal with the consequences of being tired (and maybe missing out on stuff) the next day.
Maritza34110 Maritza34110 3 years
I agree with KatieBaswell my 8 yr old has a consistent bedtime sleeping 9 hrs at night and and he's like the energizer bunny he just goes goes goes. He also plays sports three times a week.
KatieBaswell KatieBaswell 3 years
This is bull crap. My 6 year old has a consistent bedtime due to having to be up early for school and it has no affect on how good or bad her behavior is.
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