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Gorilla Retaliates After Kids Tease Him

Have you ever wished you could give a child who taunts others a taste of his own medicine? That's just what one gorilla at the Dallas Zoo did, The Huffington Post reports.

Upset over being teased and screamed at by a group of young children, one gorilla got up close to the see-through barrier, hit the glass, and essentially said "boo," shocking the kids.

What do you think of the gorilla's scare tactics?

View the entire video at The Huffington Post.

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BirdiCaim BirdiCaim 4 years
WTF? Where were the parents of these kids? And if they weren't willing to instruct these kids, why didn't anyone else? I have stopped teasing by strangers' children in the past and will again if I see it. Teasing animals is a stepping stone to teasing any veulnerable creature (like smaller children, etc) and should not be tolerated in any form, by anyone. why do you think so many people go on shooting massacres? TEACH COMPASSION people!!!
SavdByGrace SavdByGrace 4 years
No, not "boys being boys". That sounds like an excuse. There is no excuse for their behavior. And I can tell you, my boys would never act like that. Maybe the reason these boys (and girls) acted with such disrespect toward an animal is because that's how they are treated at home, with taunting and name calling. Bottom line, the parents/caregivers are at fault.
MelyndaPingal MelyndaPingal 4 years
Boys being boys.
Gillian14664595 Gillian14664595 4 years
Just goes to show we really aren't the most intelligent creatures on this planet. But whats new there.
SuzieBeard SuzieBeard 4 years
It looks like the Gorilla was the only adult around! I would never allow my child to behave like that. Hopefully the Gorilla taught them a lesson they will remember!
KathleenODonnellGrone KathleenODonnellGrone 4 years
Where are these kids parents or teachers/caretakers??? They have no respectful for animals or any other wildlife I imagine. If my kids acted this way they'd be a timeout for sure and it would be awhile before I'd take them back to the zoo. Horrid behavior. SHAME ON THE PARENTS or whoever was responsible for the kids. As for the gorilla. Keep up the good work!
CeliaMorgan26626 CeliaMorgan26626 4 years
Wtf? When I first watched the video, it was a 15 second clip of the event. I went to watch it again, wondering if it were school children on an excursion and wondering if this is how they represent their school when out in public. Also, that the teachers would allow such behaviour - the second time arpund was over 6mins of 2 gorilla's getn it on, what's that about? I didn't want to see that!
missnanny missnanny 4 years
I am with the other commentors. No excuse for such behavior and they should have been given a stern warning about teasing animals, regardless if there was a glass wall or not. These are the types of kids that would tease a dog or cat, and then when they got bit, mommy would be demanding the animal be put down.
SarahFerguson22385 SarahFerguson22385 4 years
I say the kids totally deserve it! Those parents need to teach their kids to respect nature and Animals not taunt them!
SavdByGrace SavdByGrace 4 years
What I'm wondering is what calibre of adults are accompanying these children that they would allow such poor behavior by the children. I'm with the gorilla! Good for him/her.
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