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Grandfather Kicked Out of Bookstore for Being Alone in Children's Section

Grandfather Kicked Out of Bookstore for Being Alone in Children's Section

Grandfather Kicked Out of Bookstore for Being Alone in Children's Section

How do you gauge whether a stranger who is around your children is safe, and what sets off your inner alarm bell?

A female customer at a Barnes & Noble in Scottsdale, AZ, told a store employee that she felt uncomfortable with the presence of Dr. Omar Amin in the store's children's section. Dr. Amin, a world-renowned infectious diseases researcher, was there by himself, looking for gifts for his 5- and 7-year-old grandchildren.

The Barnes & Noble employee asked him to leave the store, offering that they don't allow lone men in the children's section. (Barnes & Noble has apologized and says this is not their policy.)


Dr. Amin says he was "insulted and humiliated in public for the charge of being a man." 

Read the whole story (Huffington Post)>

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AmandaConrad35580 AmandaConrad35580 5 years
"Old man must be a pediphile" syndrome is pathetic. My father in law is the strangest person I have probably ever met... but he shops for our kids.... ALONE. My gosh people! Let the man shop! Money is money to a bookstore... if parents are incapable of parenting their children and leave their kids alone in the bookstore and that makes them feel uncomfortable... maybe they need to parent their kids and be with them! He was on his cellphone and shopping... which did anyone think he could have been asking the grandkid's parents what books the kids would like best? And I totally agree with Tonye... most kids are not molested by strangers! As parents we have all got to take a step back and look at the situation for what it is... SHOPPING! Do we hear of Walmart kicking old men out of the toy section because they are shopping? Doubtful. Not only should Barnes and Noble appologize publicly, they owe him! I say they'd better be tossing in a nice gift card.... lol.
AngeliqueBrown89563 AngeliqueBrown89563 5 years
For not got and kids' not Lisa's damn auto correct lol
AngeliqueBrown89563 AngeliqueBrown89563 5 years
This is absolutely absurd, to think that just because of this man being a man he was asked to leave. Heaven forbid a man actually buy something for a child. If this was a woman no one would have said a damn thing to her. What a croc! Regardless what he was doing at the time the employee came up to him unless he was doing something very inappropriate, which if he was then the police should have been involve. It just another reason got lazy parents to blame someone else for them not being a good parent. Now guys everywhere could be scared to go shopping alone in the Lisa's section, what for some chick accuses them of something. What a fricking shame!
LisaBartrug LisaBartrug 5 years
So if I go into a B&N and look for something for my tween-aged nephews, am I gonna be accused of searching for a boy-toy? Probably not, but those women are out there. Hmmmmm........!! Definitely discrimination done to this poor guy!
TonyeOriakhi TonyeOriakhi 5 years
I am a woman and would not feel uncomfortable because men were around my children. What did the woman think that he would grab her kid in the store in front of everyone. She should be more worried about the men in her family molesting her kids. The percentage of kids being molested by people they know is much higher than total strangers molesting kids.
NicoleWelper NicoleWelper 5 years
seriously, April Rogers? a man cant go shopping for his kids/grandkids cuz he looks suspicious!? Thats down right horrible and rude and goes against his rights! He deserves to be able to shop wherever he wants....especially considering he wasnt doing anything wrong! Mabe, he was on the phone w/ his kids to find out what to get for his grandkids! This is an absolutely ridiculous story and gives all the other Barnes & Nobles Bookstores a bad name! They should be ashamed of themselves and Dr. Omar Amin deserves a letter of appology!!!
DawnGooden DawnGooden 5 years
I think this was done in haste. Regardless of what he was doing at the time (cell phone time or actually shopping) unless he was approaching someone's child(ren), or gawking at someone I see no reason why he had to be bothered. innocent until proven guilty imho. Sure, he may have seemed out of place, but that is no fault of his. Can't a grown man go shopping for his own kin anymore?? jesus, it's no wonder why brick and mortar stores are getting slowly ousted because no one can shop in them without being accused of something these days. If he was touching himself or doing something inappropriate then I totally get the reason for the employee's actions...but sitting and talking on his cell phone??? WTF???? How do you know he wasn't on the phone with a family member trying to decide what to get for his grandchildren? If you are too busy looking at your Kama Sutra or books to stay with your child in the childrens' section then you have no right to chastise someone for doing something as innocent as SHOPPING. Grow up people...
CoMMember13630538353984 CoMMember13630538353984 5 years
Really....! He was looking at books to give to his grand kids for gosh sakes!!!! He could've told that lady why he was in Barns and Nobles Book Store. Come on people....REALLY!!!!!
CoMMember13628064790818 CoMMember13628064790818 5 years
I worked in a bookstore. A lot of parents leave their children alone in the children's section. Okay, it's bad parenting . . . but I would rather take the risk of insulting an adult alone in the children's department (who was admittedly not shopping when asked to leave, but sitting and talking on his cell phone) than regret that I'd not protected the children. Put it on the scale - hurt feelings of an adult or lost innocence of a child. No contest. Man up, Dr. Amin. You have grandchildren. Be glad the store employee was being cautious.
amandastoughton amandastoughton 5 years
aww ok you can tell if he is a perv or not if he isnt starring at your kids or you then leave him alone
TinaDeans TinaDeans 5 years
jeez the worlds gone mad, does this mean men can never shop for kids presents ffs ridiculous
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