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Grandma's Controversial Facebook Photos of Newborn

Are This Grandma's Facebook Photos of Her Granddaughter Worthy of a Sheriff's Visit?

Like any proud grandma, Jackie Sheaks was excited to share photos of her new granddaughter with her friends. And like many moms and grandmas before her, she thought she'd have some fun and pose her 2-month-old granddaughter in some funny photos. But Facebook users were not amused. When they spied Sheaks's pictures depicting the baby with a pacifier duct-taped to her cheeks and sitting in a roasting pan surrounded by potatoes, the community cried foul condemning her for child abuse and neglect. The pictures even caught the attention of the Columbus, OH, sheriff's office, who paid her a visit to check on the child's well-being.

"It started as just a joke; we put a little tape on the pacifier because we were being silly," Sheaks explained to her local news station. "We wanted to share it with friends because everybody that knows us, knows we play around like that."

But now the grandma is the subject of unwanted Facebook friend requests and social media harassment. Given the controversy, Sheaks doesn't plan on posting any more pictures of her granddaughter online.


"We would never harm our children, never," Sheaks adds. "What we think is funny other people don't. It will never happen again. It's definitely taught us a lesson."

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CynthiaSorgenfrei CynthiaSorgenfrei 2 years

Oh dear.

NicholeCampbell5621 NicholeCampbell5621 2 years

The tape may have been a bit much related to the sensitivity of baby's skin, but, really? Don't you guys see the professional pictures of babies in buckets and pots & pans surrounded by food? The baby isn't crying, there are no bruises and the parents are okay with it...they keep bringing her back to see gramma (yes, gramma)!

shawnnlively73341 shawnnlively73341 2 years

Anger? What anger? YOU attacked my post, not reverse, my dear.

And you've obviously failed to read the whole damned thing, or you just decided to ignore my personal experience... Whatever.

You will still greatly benefit from more counseling, in my opinion.

Bethany79499 Bethany79499 2 years

Okay, I don't know how much clearer I could have been by saying this was sarcasm. I mean, did you just react to the first two sentences without reading ALL the words? I actually came right out and SAID it because sarcasm does tend to get lost on internet commenters, as glaringly obvious as *I* might think it is. No, I do not agree with putting any tape on a kid, duct, scotch, or otherwise. Damn.

shawnnlively73341 shawnnlively73341 2 years

Where did I say that you'd never had counseling? Answer: Never. And your first point need not be addressed.

I RECOMMENDED counseling, because I know that it is a great assistance in handling past issues of abuse.

YOUR arrogance in thinking that you are the only person that traumatic abuse could happen to is astounding. You project your past onto others, which is not healthy. As I stated, an abused child will have SEVERAL SIGNS that are visible. The bruises are only the least of it. Often, sexually abused children will have NO MARKS, yet they're still discovered and helped.

shawnnlively73341 shawnnlively73341 2 years

and may I point out, the signs are MORE THAN PHYSICAL, spivciv, and i'm well aware of signs of abuse, considering I'm married to an adult survivor of not only extreme physical abuse, but also extreme sexual abuse, who sent his father to prison for it. Get some counseling. Trust me, it helps.

OlympiaMays OlympiaMays 2 years

LOL. I know, that's why she is getting arrested. If it was, it would have been on a calendar somewhere. Again, the duct tape things was a little eccentric. But the rest was funny

BabyLove6932 BabyLove6932 2 years

Says the poster who took the time to read 115 posts

BabyLove6932 BabyLove6932 2 years

Why do we need photos of the baby with tape on its face at all :( it's a cute baby. Doesn't need any gimmicks

BabyLove6932 BabyLove6932 2 years

Yeah but what are they gonna do if it happens and the baby starts vomiting? Their choices are let the baby choke while they pull it off carefully, or rip the tape off. Both very horrible options.

BabyLove6932 BabyLove6932 2 years

You leave Anne Geddes out of this.

This is not Anne Geddes

BabyLove6932 BabyLove6932 2 years

Until it involves a baby who cannot speak for itself, protect itself, or walk.

And before you get to your next thought, remember that life is a full circle. Someday you're not going to be able to walk. Someday you're not going to be able to protect yourself. Someday you may not be able to talk. So before you start promoting this privacy bull you think about that. And pray to God you don't end up on fb with duct tape on your face someday.

Sounds a lot worse when it's you doesn't it?

BabyLove6932 BabyLove6932 2 years

Anyone who has my child's best interest in mind is welcome in my home any day.

Maybe just don't do crap you have to hide.

BabyLove6932 BabyLove6932 2 years

No one is pointing Any kind of finger! We are commenting on an article. That's what this is.

People read the article and then they share their personal opinion. It's not that anyone has to agree. We are not being "mean" to the grandmother. It's kind of weird how people are more afraid of grandma's hurt feelings than they are for a baby with duct tape on its face.

BabyLove6932 BabyLove6932 2 years

The roasting pan was harmless. I will give them that.

BabyLove6932 BabyLove6932 2 years

Is this you volunteering to put duct tape on your mouth? Now would be a great time.

BabyLove6932 BabyLove6932 2 years

Again, sorry to hear this.

Dignity truly does make a difference in our lives.

BabyLove6932 BabyLove6932 2 years

Sorry to hear this. You deserved to be treated with dignity too.

BabyLove6932 BabyLove6932 2 years

Calm down Cindy Williams. This isn't anything against your mothering skills. I think it's great that they checked in on the baby given the fact that someone put tape on its face.

If this was you, and you were in a position where you couldn't talk or walk, and someone did this to you, took a pic, and put it on social media would you be ok with it?

I wouldn't want a pic of me up like that, so why is it ok for this baby? That's my point. You don't have to like it. But humans have rights, and that includes dignity.

BabyLove6932 BabyLove6932 2 years

So only those who understand they are being degraded should be protected from it? Is that what you're saying?

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