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Grandparents Build Amazing Treehouse

The Most Jaw-Dropping Tree House We've Ever Seen

Steve and Jeri Wakefield must be the most popular neighbors in Dallas. Nine years ago, the couple had architect James Culver design and build a fantastic tree house in their yard for their grandsons. Replete with storybook details like gables and window seats, and sheltered by a majestic pecan tree, the magical house grew even more fun over the years with new features like a zip line and suspension bridge. Now, as The Huffington Post (via Houzz) reports, the Wakefields' grandsons are too big for their backyard masterpiece. It's by no means neglected, though; the couple simply invites the neighborhood kids over to play.

Make sure your own kids aren't looking when you click through to see the full tour, or you'll be on the hook for something similar!

Join The Conversation
JessicaPorter79463 JessicaPorter79463 4 years
I want one
cat6meow cat6meow 4 years
I want that Tree House to escape the kids...LOL
SharonDraper73143 SharonDraper73143 4 years
Omg my son wants this tree house
ChristyMcKeon36341 ChristyMcKeon36341 4 years
FreddieAnnBurnett FreddieAnnBurnett 4 years
This is wonderful! I would love to have something like this for our grandchildren in our backyard! I know they would have a great time with it! How FUN!
SaraBrown80264 SaraBrown80264 4 years
Pecan trees drop limbs like no other tree. It's just part of their normal growth. Strange choice, but the treehouse is beautiful.
PhillipaSenior PhillipaSenior 4 years
We have a massive oak tree the size of that pecan tree and at the moment are having what's known as a 'Wendy house' built beneath it. But nothing like the scale of that tree house! It will look more Hobbit like with a shingle roof,porch and a meandering path. Our grandson is only six weeks old so will be a while before he enjoys playing in it! But we have a holiday cottage, "Rimu Cottage" that has families that stay and they will enjoy it. We live in the Far North of New Zealand so are going through our Autumn or as they say in America our Fall. If folks look on Trade Me in the Holiday Homes web site they will see our cottage there listed under Northland and then Kaitaia which is the little town that we live in.
The kids will go crazy over this !
MaryleeBrown MaryleeBrown 4 years
I'm 39 and I don't think I'd have grown out of it yet!! What an awesome treehouse.
VirginiaHathorn VirginiaHathorn 4 years
That's incredible!
MeredithHills MeredithHills 4 years
Can they come build one for my son??? :)
JudeHibbert JudeHibbert 4 years
wow thats amazing!!awesome..
nadiamasood nadiamasood 4 years
Wow and how cool that they are inviting neighbourhood kids to play
KulloEgeltonPamela KulloEgeltonPamela 4 years
I am envious. Wish I had the means to have one of these built for my young grandchildren. They were very lucky kids. Hope the structure survives to welcome Great- grandchildren.
IngridRedding IngridRedding 4 years
wow beautiful,love the fact that neighboring children are now able to play there and use it
LynnTate LynnTate 4 years
I would love one of these for myself !!!
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