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Green to Grow Bottles

Ecotot: Green to Grow

If your baby is hitting the bottle, you might want to check out the line from Green to Grow. The Bisphenol A and phthalates free containers were created by parents who wanted to give their child a better drinking alternative than hormone interrupting polycarbonate plastics.

To learn more about Green to Grow,


Lucky for the consumers, they didn't have to sacrifice looks for comfort. The eco–friendly bottles are actually charming as each one has a lil sprightly fruit friend grinning. At $7 – $10 a pop, they may make your wallet thinner but you'll smile wider knowing your babe is safely sipping.

An added bonus: In addition to safeguarding their children from harmful toxins, Green to Grow is dedicated to preserving the environment by using 100 percent recycled paper and soy inks in all of their packaging and printed corporate materials.

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