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Grocery Cart Cords: Kid Friendly or Are You Kidding?

I never realized that runaway shopping carts were such an issue until I saw a mother running after a cart that was flying through the parking lot with her tot inside. I must not be the only one who has witnessed this, as I was recently made aware of two products designed to prevent such incidents.

The Cart Stopper (shown on the left) and the Kart Katcher (shown on the right) secure shopping carts to vehicles to keep you from having to sprint through the parking lot. Using suction or latches, the products are non-damaging to cars and keep kids close at hand while you load your car. Sold for $10 and $6, respectively, we want to know what you think of these mom-created inventions.

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bs007 bs007 8 years
i actually got the kart katcher as a gift from a friend who met the manufacturer at a fair in orange county . this is a simple yet genius invention. i don't have kids, but the store parking lots in my area are small and the concrete is beat up. the kart katcher prevents my cart from dinging my car or the cars next to me when i'm unloading groceries or on my semi-annual target jaunt. i dig the gift so much that i went and scooped up a few to give as holiday gifts to friends and clients . i look forward to seeing what those creative people behind kart katcher come up with next!
Mississippimommy Mississippimommy 8 years
I am a friend of the manufacture and was given a Kart Katcher a few months ago. I use it every time I am at the store. My husband took it out of my car a few weeks ago to use in his car when he went to Sam's and asked me to get another one for his car. So he will be getting socks, chocolate and his own Kart Katcher in his stocking this year. I am a real user of the Kart Katcher and happily a new member of this site and I am grateful to have clever people in my life that came up with the Kart Katcher so I don't have to turn into plastic girl in the parking lot trying to hold my cart with my foot while juggling kids and groceries. by the way I also like the anti bactierial wipes that are now also offered at the door of the store to wipe down the handle and I do not know them.
macgirl macgirl 8 years
Don't doubt that they use it, just feel like they are somehow related to the manufacturer. I've been a yelper long enough that you can recognize family/friends/employees a mile away. Just my opinion though.
Greggie Greggie 8 years
Yeah that actually just made me a lot less likely to buy it, given the obviousness of it. JenT's doesn't read like one, but the spam stuff does.
JenT JenT 8 years
The comment I posted regarding the Kart Katcher is a TRUE statement. I am not "related" to the product and I use it all the time.
milosmommy milosmommy 8 years
seriously macgirl...they couldn't have made it more obvious. The posts sounded like infomercial speeches. lol
macgirl macgirl 8 years
Um.... half these posts are from people related to the products themselves. Very obvious when you all sign up at the same time and this is your only post.
jrgiordano jrgiordano 8 years
The Kart Katcher is awesome. I've been using it for awhile and I love it! Safety first!
tdetally tdetally 8 years
I love the Kart Katcher!!!!! It is so great I use it all the time. I would highly recommend it to everyone!!!
JenT JenT 8 years
I never put my kids in the car first, so the Kart Katcher is perfect for me. I have it and I LOVE IT!! I use it all the time, whether my kids are with me or not. It works much better than my foot!! I was a tiny bit concerned with how much tension the Kart Katcher could hold, but I was at Costco today and had a heavy load of groceries in the cart, as well as my two kids, and the Kart Katcher worked great! I would recommend it to anyone.
lil-bike lil-bike 8 years
I a KART KATCHER. . and this is a ***** 5 Star ***** product !. . R U kidding, unloading w/ my children has never been easier! ATTACH, THEN put your children in the car. . I use the Kart Katcher at Home Depot too to unload my Lumber Cart!!. This things is strong! I wouldn't trust a suction cup (cart stopper) to either . . sorry. Either way, these products solve a problem . . I applaud both products.
Greggie Greggie 8 years
I've heard the opposite of safety experts, that you should keep the cart right next to you, child strapped in safely, and unload the groceries first. Then return the cart, then secure your child in the car.
Pine-Tree Pine-Tree 8 years
According to security experts you should ALWAYS load your child first. The chance of a random carjacking in a parking lot - ridiculously small The chance of a cart flying away, or even worse another car backing into the cart, very high. A car is much safer than a parking lot.
luvmyboyz luvmyboyz 8 years
Just wanted to say that I fight with my grocery cart everytime I go shopping with my two boys. The problem is very real (to me, at least), so I bought a Cartstopper and use it all the time. My good friend recommended it and assured me that it really works...( I was a little concerned about how effective a suction cup would be in this application too). I speak from a first-hand perspective here and this little device has been a prayer answered. Not once has the suction cup ever failed me and my boys when we go shopping.
adonna adonna 8 years
Although I have heard that you should never put your child in the car first while loading in the groceries in case of a car jacking, it is hard not to if you have 2 little ones and a single grocery cart seat. I have purchased and routinely use Cart-Stopper. It is a great, compact device that you can use with one hand. It is so easy to apply and remove, and the industrial strength suction cup holds securely, even in the rain!
bluepuppybites bluepuppybites 8 years
I too put my little girl in the cart first. But I can see how this would benefit a mother of more than one. As I witnessed with my sister and her kids, after the youngest was born the other two were very naughty. They thought it was funny to run around the parking lot and so my sister would have to hurry up and put the youngest in and chase after them.
backfat backfat 8 years
I put my kids in the car first, but this seems like a sensible thing for people who don't.
anniekim anniekim 8 years
Greggie, I know what you mean. Don't want to walk away from a car with kids inside. I always park next to the cart return corral these days. It's a big change in parking since having kids!
Greggie Greggie 8 years
I don't put my child in first unless I'm parked next to the cart return, but I do always secure it against the car by just putting it up against the side. I've never had it slip. But these aren't a bad idea, I just don't think I personally would get one. I agree with anniekim that the suction one wouldn't be trustworthy, though.
FrankiLee FrankiLee 8 years
I always put my daughter in first, because I have witnessed a runaway cart with a child inside before!! It's not a bad idea though!
anniekim anniekim 8 years
I've never had a runaway cart and like mommaof2 I always put my kids in the car first. But, these could be useful. I don't know that I would trust that suction one, it might present a false sense of security.
momma-tikita momma-tikita 8 years
I always put the kids in the car before putting anything else in there! But I voted kid friendly because it isnt a bad idea. Anything that makes your life easier and safer is okay!
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