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Mommy Alert! Guatemala Suspends US Adoptions

Guatemala is following in the footsteps of Vietnam as it is the latest country to suspend adoptions from America.

Behind China, Guatemala is the second highest source of American adoptions.

According to MSNBC, the reasons behind the ban are similar to those that led to the Vietnam ban, Guatemalan lawmakers are concerned with fraudulent adoptions — even requiring DNA tests to prove that the mother and adoptive child are in fact related. To see what will happen,


For the next month, officials will review adoption paperwork to ensure that the lawful steps have been taken by the involved parties. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, Guatemala may resume as a major adoption source or be banned from American families all together.

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phatE phatE 9 years
ok, after reading the article you cited, you failed to leave out the emphasis on "one month" mentioning it only once in your 3rd paragraph.. not impressed with the dramatic misleading title.. there is a huge difference between your "Guatemala ends US adoptions" (which is at the top of my browser) and "Guatemala suspends adoptions for a month" which is the title of the article you cited.. take a second to really research the conditions down there, and also realize many people are in the in between process, and like any foreign adoption, it's a scary, uncertain process.
phatE phatE 9 years
My aunt/uncle just adopted a sweet little girl Guatemala about 3 weeks ago.. she's absolutely beautiful, but the process was really uncertain for them.. at one point, this was all pending, and they had no idea if they would even get her.. they were far enough in the process that it went through, but that shut the door so many adoptions that were in the works.. it was a roller coaster for them from the beginning, so news of it being officially closed isn't a surprise.. it's unfortunate though, because so many children are placed in orphanages and then put out on the street once they are old enough.. i think the benefits of adoption there far outweigh their reasons for closing.. they need to get a handle on the welfare of these children before taking away their opportunities for a better life.
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