All bumpalicious celebs have to keep their stylish wits about them as they enter the Hollywood maternity spotlight. Guess who wore a lil black dress, workout wear, and long maxi dresses during their pregnancies?

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This mother managed to stay lean for the entire duration of her beautiful pregnancy.

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This mommy lives in maxi dresses to keep her comfortable. Who is she?

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Which lovely lady showed off fab gams beneath her pretty black dress?

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This mother–to–be looked comfy in a pair of army green maternity pants and a white tee on the streets of NYC.

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Always the fabulous pregnant lady, this mother worked her belly mojo down red carpets, in bikinis and casual long frocks.

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For this lady, motherhood was unexpected, but completely welcome.

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This mother makes "pregnancy" synonymous with "sexy." I can't wait to get a glimpse of her tot.