Today's "Mom Hair" Is Hot and a Lot Longer

If Kate Gosselin's reverse mullet (and then her pricey hair extensions) can warrant the cover of a weekly magazine, it's no surprise that mom hair is a big to-do! For years new mamas chopped their locks thinking the new style would save them time. But that trend has changed. Forty-seven percent of LilSugar readers keep their long manes after delivery. We asked our girl Bella for some advice on how to manage long locks.

  • Braids: Easy and stylish, side-swept braids, like Diane Kruger's, keep hair out of a mama's face and under control when she's out with her kids. To change up the style, consider weaving a scarf into the braid.
  • Ponytails: A staple for moms and their lil girls, the ponytail can be worked high, low, tight, or loose for various looks. A stacked ponytail looks pretty and chic, while a loose and messy one adds some hipster glam to a mama's look.
  • Buns: A bun doesn't have to look like you stepped right out of the ballet studio. Low, quirky buns look like mama put some effort into her locks, without being overdone.
  • Headbands: Headbands can hide a host of sins, most importantly the wisps that come with postpartum hair loss.

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