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Half Million Pounds of Meat Recalled Over Listeria Scare

Major Meat Recall: Check the Full List of Products

Heads up, moms! If you've purchased meat recently you need to do a check. The USDA is reporting that a meat recall by the Manda Packing Company has been expanded this week to 468,000 pounds of roast beef, ham, turkey breast, among other types, across 13 states.

The major recall started last week when traces of listeria were found on a sample of cooked roast beef at a retail establishment.

To find out if you have contaminated products in your refrigerator or freezer, check out the full list available at the USDA site.

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rationalreason05 rationalreason05 3 years
Have to say, I love being Vegetarian. Growing your own food is always best, I do that too. Over the years I have heard many say "people need protein to survive" and while that is true, Protein is synthesized by plants. Herbivores eat the plants to gain their protein and Carnivores eat the left over protein from their prey. People do not need to eat meat for protein. In fact, one receives more complete proteins from just plant life. Also, I love knowing what I am eating. I do sincerely hope that no one gets sick from this contaminated meat, and good luck to all who do eat meat and trust others to produce and mix that meat.
Audrey14419812 Audrey14419812 4 years
I do know what goes into these animals. We grow them! I have no problem feeding our home grown beef to my children. Nor do I have a problem feeding them the pork we grow either. Educate yourselves people. There are always people, vegetable growers included, who break the rules and do things that can harm the public by their growing practices. Being vegan won't protect you. Being educated can! And buying from a local source can too.
rationalreason05 rationalreason05 4 years
I am curious why this situation would call for any surprise. The FDA spends most of its time and money on drugs. Of course, food safety is going to go down. This is the biggest reason why I do not eat animal products and I do not feed them to my children. One: meat grosses my family out (to each his own, not judging, oh but if most of you knew what they put into that meat. . . . . . . . .blah!); two: I do not trust some person getting minimum wage to chop up and process that crap properly; three: natural is always better; It does not matter what you are talking about. In short, there are so many reasons why this situation does not affect me or mine but does affect many in society and even my extended family. I do not eat meat, and rarely do I ever worry about what is in my food (bird beaks, horse, bone, pink slime, grey goo, arsenic {which is in chicken}, anti-biotics, and pain killers). Mostly, because I put whatever I am going to eat there myself. Granted there are many things to watch for. Main point here, be careful what you eat, it might just save your life one day.
TineBrok TineBrok 4 years
Just one more great reason to be vego... ;)
RoxanneAlbee RoxanneAlbee 4 years
I thought this was about a health alert????? Spencer14415446 Hate will eat you alive....
TinaBarner TinaBarner 4 years
This absolutely sickens me! We, perhaps mistakenly put our trust in those who are in charge of this industry, and now we find out we could become deathly sick from consuming products we had thought were deemed safe. This is just absolutely disgusting!
TiaBransted TiaBransted 4 years
@Spencer14415446 Wow, name-calling. Mature. I hope you don't teach your kids to do the same...
AlisonFinch AlisonFinch 4 years
@Spencer14415446 Thank you. Took the words right out of my mouth.
TiaBransted TiaBransted 4 years
I agree- go vegan! Yes, other diseases can be found on veggies... But they come from animal waste runoff! Which means the animals already have the disease and can contaminate vegetable crops. I hate when people tell me ecoli can come from spinach too.... Umm, it comes from poop. And spinach doesn't poop.
KarriHagenMeacham KarriHagenMeacham 4 years
lunch meat is nasty!
PeggyHedgren PeggyHedgren 4 years
I am not surprised. This has been happening More and more. It makes you wonder what is safe to eat and drink!
RachelJacobs3541 RachelJacobs3541 4 years
A very good reason to eat locally grown organic food and leave the processed crap alone.
GabrielleWolfStahl GabrielleWolfStahl 4 years
Just for reference; fruits and veggies can transmit listeria, salmonella, e coli and other things as well... not just meat...
wendyroff wendyroff 4 years
Which is expected. When you eat meat you eat many different cows, pigs, chickens. They grind them all up together, so if one animal is sick you have a grater chance of eating it. Go vegan, it's safer.
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