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Halle Berry Kidnap Movie Interview

Halle Berry's New Movie Is Basically Every Parent's Worst Freaking Nightmare

We've all been there, whether we want to admit it or not. We're at the park, and our kid beelines for the playground. We keep our eye on them, of course, but something distracts us. A friend says hello, a text message alert pops up on our phone, our baby in the stroller fusses. Then, when we look up to see our kid, we can't find him. For a few brief seconds – that feel like hours – we scan the slides and swings until we breathe a sigh of relief.

But what if those few seconds turn to a solid minute? Then two minutes? It's hard to imagine how we'd handle it.

That's the terrifying premise of Halle Berry's new movie, Kidnap, in theaters everywhere Friday, Aug. 4. But trust us, it gets even more heart-thumping and anxiety-inducing from there.

"When you lose your kid in a park, you just think, 'Oh, they're around here somewhere.' You never imagine they'd been taken," Halle told POPSUGAR in an exclusive video sneak peek at the making of the film. "[It] shows just how far we mothers are willing to go to protect our kids."

Check out the behind-the-scenes clip – you'll be surprised by how you instantly relate to Halle's character . . . and it'll make you realize how quickly those primal mama instincts would kick in if this were to happen to you.

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