Goblins, Ghosts and Spider Cupcakes, Oh My!

It's time to get spooky in the kitchen! Most everybody loves a cupcake and boy have we got some haunted frosted tops that will make wee ones squeal! Though the creepy cakes may look tough to tackle, these deliciously lil devils are a cinch to make and the youngsters can easily give a helping hand.

To see how to make the ghost caps, spider crawlers, and goblin adorned treats, just


First, pick out your candy and decor. I was lucky enough to find all of my inspiration at Walgreens. Here is my quick list of goodies:

First you'll want to bake up a batch of cupcakes to your liking. Choose fun Halloween frosting colors like black, white and green and frost the cakes. Add sprinkles if you wish.
If using the Peeps, take a straw or a toothpick and push it halfway into the marshmallow. Then poke the remaining portion into the cupcake. Add candy corn for color and added sugar bonus.
The jelly pops are easy enough as you can simply unwrap them and stick them into the cupcake as is.
The most complicated of the bunch, these are still quite easy. Frost the cupcakes with white icing and use a knife to spread it smoothly. Then take the black icing and make three circles starting with the smallest one first. Then make four lines across the entire cupcake to form the web. Take a clean knife and insert it just a bit to make room for the ring portion of the spider. Push the spider in and mama's got a perfect web!

These are amazing! I am totally inspired to make some myself!
thanks for re-linking this on yumsugar. not sure why it's not there in the first place but this is definitely something i'm interested in; hence why I track Yum sugar in my feed and not lilsugar.
These are so cute!
Those are so cute!
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