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Hand-me-downs are no longer just for younger siblings. In an effort to promote sharing and conserving, the San Francisco based Zwaggle helps parents keep from stock piling their stuff.

Instead of keeping outgrown clothes and old crib bedding, members of the site can donate their belongings to parents in need of the products and earn points to pick out something else. According to an MSN article, the site already has about 2,000 users. It said:

The company makes money by collecting fees from the shipping cost of items. For example, if a baby monitor costs a member $10 to ship across the country, Zwaggle would collect roughly 50 cents on the donation of that item--or 5 percent to 7 percent of its cost. And Zwaggle makes it relatively painless for members to donate products. A mom collecting an item will pay the shipping fees online, and then the person donating the item will simply print a prepaid shipping label and drop the item off at a local mail store."

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MotoLinz MotoLinz 9 years
That's a really great idea. I've packed up our little one's clothes to save for Numero Dos, but after that, we plan to donate the whole lot to the UT Medical Center's NICU.
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