Way back when, mothers had no choice but to wash their baby's bottles by hand. Possibly one of the world's greatest inventions, the dishwasher has brought pleasure and ease to many a mommy's life. One area where it may not be so handy? Baby bottles.

Moms who rely on bottles, plastic ones specifically, spend hours hunched over a sink scrubbing the milk out of the nooks and crannies of nipples, lids, and bottles hoping to keep any potential chemicals from leaching into their child's body. Aware of hazards that plastic bottles often warrant, I use BPA-free bottles but still opt to use the dishwasher. Throwing caution to the wind, I pray that Cascade and a quick rinse of water do just the same, if not a better job of protecting my wee one than scrubbing with a sponge and soap.

What's your cleaning regimen?