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Handling Differences of Opinion on Feeding Baby Breastfeeding

Handling Differences of Opinion on Feeding Baby

New mamas face plenty of unsolicited advice as they begin navigating life with their newborn. From day one there are opinions about rooming in during your hospital stay, vaccination schedules and breast versus bottle feeding. Assuming you are secure in your feeding decision, it may take some time to convince family and friends about the choice you made.

On this week's episode of Weeds, Mary Louise Parker's character had little to do with her husband and his daughter, after he instructed the baby nurse to feed the wee one formula despite the fact that mama was breastfeeding. While most of us do not find ourselves combating Mexican drug lords, like Parker's character, the issue is universal. How did you handle well-meaning friends and relatives who questioned your choice?

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lickety-split lickety-split 7 years
i agree with the above poster. people with no parenting experiencing who think they know it all are really annoying. you can read all the books there are and when the baby comes guess what; it hasn't read any of them and will react as it pleases!
Danni99 Danni99 7 years
By inviting them to go through the painful and exhausting process of a pregnancy so they can give birth to their own little billboard for 'proper parenting' and until they've done so, to feel free to contact my OB/pediatrician to address the adequacies of the medical decisions we've jointly made. Then I flip em the bird and remind them that I've been there, done this, 3 times now. So I really don't need or want their input, especially when they're on kid #1 (or worse, no kids at all!).
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