Motherhood can be a mind-boggler! Go2Girl submitted this question in our The Mommy Club group.

I am trying to help my sister with some options for late night coverage for her 4-year-old twins. She is due in March, and already stressing about the possibility of going into labor late at night and not having adequate coverage for her children. Unfortunately, her immediate family does not live close by, and would have to take a flight to be there. Her due date is somewhat up in the air, so it's hard to pin down when it could happen.

I suggested having a familiar face whether that be someone at the children's preschool or a friend of my sister's be somewhat "on call" during that time frame. Ideally, she wants her kids to be with someone who they know, so that she does not need to worry about them if she is at the hospital.

Would love to hear any suggestions that have worked for other mom's out there that have encountered a late night labor with kids sleeping.

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