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Hanging Cradles and Bassinets

Swing On! 10 Hanging Cradles to Rock Your Little One to Sleep

Is there anything as calming as a swing through the air? We tend to think not. That's why the idea of a hanging cradle or bassinet sounds so inviting. According to moms who've used them, the cradles' natural swinging motion helps transition newborns from the womb to their nurseries more easily than a traditional crib. A baby's natural motion — those wiggles and jerks that babies can't control — power the cradles to help lull them to sleep.

After seeing this home-sewn version on LightBlueGrey a while ago, I became intrigued by the beauty and functionality of the hanging cradle. Little did I know that there are so many options available. Click through to see 10 of my favorite, and tell me if you'd ever try one!

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