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Happy 10th, Birthday Girl!

Happy 10th, Birthday Girl!

Congratulations, it's been a decade! Your ten year old girl is fun, savvy, and loves to celebrate. To make her upcoming birthday party truly unforgettable, surround her with an audience of her best girlfriends and put her at the head of the table. And consider these ideas for parties, all of which come highly recommended by Circle of Moms members whose daughters have already celebrated their tenth.

Party Ideas 10-year-old Girls Love

1. Girl's Night Out Parties

Ten-year-old girls are deep into their tweens and like to think of themselves as headed straight to high school. To honor her maturity, institute a "Girl's Night Out" by inviting your daughter's friends to a movie and dinner with her friends at her favorite restaurant, advises Chelle H.

2. Spa Parties

Chelle H. also suggests rallying her girlfriends and heading to the local beauty salon for manicures and pampering. Her daughter "had a pamper party with seven other friends. They had their nails painted their eye make-up done (glitter) and they also had glitter tattoos. They all had a fab time and the party also and singing and dancing."


Rhonda Y. says her daughter had her pampering girls-only 10th birthday "planned since she was in kindergarten. She and three of her friends began the spa adventure by receiving mini silk purses, which included a $10 gift certificate at the mall, lip gloss and a pack of gum, she says. The girls went to the salon for pedicures and non-alcoholic champagne. We had a grand time."

3. Sleepover Parties

Sleepovers are a staple in the roster of activities 10 year-old girls, love, and the less sleep the better. The basement and family room typically provide the perfect space for sleeping bags, popcorn and all-night ghost stories. But Sally S. says she wanted to create an "ultra" slumber party for her 10-year-old daughter and so booked a hotel room for her daughter and friends. Room service included fruit dipped in chocolate and a voucher for breakfast, she says. "The hotel was out of this world; each room had wallto ceiling glass windows, and there was a spa. We went swimming in the pool and the Jacuzzi."

4. Surprise Parties

There's nothing like the thrill of a surprise party for a tween girl (who most likely has helped orchestrate the bash with her hints, but still loves the moment all her friends greet her with "surprise!"). Circle of Moms member Elizabeth M. says "Surprise birthday parties are the best." Georgiana S., who invited six of her daughter's friends over for a surprise bash, agrees, saying it was very informal: "We have a park right outside our backyard so they played there for a while. We had a lot of fun."

Perfect Gifts for 10-year-old Girls

1. Music

CD's, Music playlist downloads, are great gifts for 10-year-old girls, Circle of Moms members agree. Nothing means more to 10-year-old girls than their favorite music blaring, says Celle H. Her daughter received an iPod shuffle.

2. Money or Gift Cards

"Show me the money," is a popular mantra that seems to start in the tweens, Circle of Moms members agree. "She wanted money," says Shelly P., and that's what her friends gave her. "She spent the whole next day counting it." Lee H. suggests gift cards as a money alternative for 10-year-old girls. And Elizabeth gave her daughter exactly what she requested: "a $50 bill."

3. Jewelry

You can't go wrong with 10-year-old girls and jewelry, Circle of Moms members agree. From earrings to toe rings, tweens love fashion jewelry, says Tracy B., whose daughter "loved the peace necklace she received." 

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Image Source: Spoil Me Parties Calgary via Flickr/Creative Commons

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