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Happy 2nd Birthday, Toddler Boy!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Toddler Boy!

Congrats mama! You’ve survived year two and entered the heart of toddlerdom. Time to celebrate the past year’s milestoneswalking, talking, maybe even potty training!—and read up on next year's big developments. Happy birthday to you both!

Two-Year-Old Birthday Party Tips

Follow Your Son’s Schedule. Utilize your expert knowledge of your son's daily routine and moods to schedule the party when he’ll likely be upbeat and well rested. Additionally, cap the length at a few hours—the overstimulation and sugar rollercoaster of a marathon party may cause a meltdown. Krista H. shares: “We’re starting it at 3 in the afternoon (after his nap) and it will go until everyone decides to leave, but dinner will be shortly after he wakes up and then cake and then presents. Kids don’t have the attention span for anything more elaborate.”

Choose a Character-based Theme. For a winning two year-old birthday party theme, Circle of Moms members suggest tapping your son’s favorite fictional characters, whether from a book, cartoon or movie. You can't go wrong with Cars, Elmo, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Thomas the Tank Engine, or Winnie the Pooh.


Keep ‘em Busy. Plan activities to keep younger guests happily entertained. Some Circle of Moms members suggest toddler-friendly locations like gymnastics centers; others recommend backyard parties with ball pits, bubble machiens, bounce houses or activity tables. Mother-of-one Kelly D. shared: “I had a party outdoors and wanted to keep the kids entertained, so I had a Play-Doh table and a coloring table, plus a potato sack race... Keep ‘em busy!”

Gifts and Toys for Two Year Olds

Are friends and relatives asking for birthday gift tips? We know it’s hard to brainstorm toy ideas when you’re already living in a mini Toys"R"Us, so we’re offering four reliable gift ideas for two year olds.

Arts and Crafts. Play-Doh, washable crayons, finger-painting, stickers, ink stamps... arts and crafts gifts make excellent gifts for toddlers.

Little People from Fisher Price. Many Circle of Moms members, including Tana K., have great things to say about these chunky, easy-to-grasp figurines: "I love Little People. There is so much selection—from the town center to the animals to the wheelies."

Kitchen Toys. From full play kitchens to more basic food sets, kitchen toys can provide two-year-olds with hours of entertainment. Or, teach where some foods come from with gardening toys. As Sarah E. shares: “My son loves to water the flowers with his watering can!”

Books. When in doubt, books—especially touch-and-feel titles—are always a good gift for toddlers. Over 50 Circle of Moms members have weighed in with recommendations for great books for babies and toddlers.

Preparing for Next Year

To help you gear up for the next challenging year, Circle of Moms is ready with helpful resources on common challenges and milestones:

Here’s to another great year!

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