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Happy 5th, Birthday Girl!

Happy 5th, Birthday Girl!

Wondering how to best entertain a dozen pre-K kids at your daughter’s birthday? Or which gifts are winning bets for 5 year-old girls? Circle of Moms members have shared the answers! Read on for tips on party locations, themes, and perfect presents for your soon-to-be 5 year-old girl, plus a peek at the year ahead.

5th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

1. Parties with Animals. Birthday parties that involve animals in some way (whether it’s lions at the zoo, penguins at the aquarium, or ponies in the backyard) are smash hits with 5 year-olds. As Kirsty M. relayed about her daughter’s 5th birthday party: “We took her and some of her friends for a party at...(the) Zoo and everything had an animal theme. She had a great day!!”

2. Dress-Up Parties. Little girls adore dressing up, whether in fancy dresses, boas and hats, full princess regalia, or even capes, crowns and swords. Mother-of-four Deanna J. suggests: “Let the girls put on their dress-up clothes…Decorate with flowers and ribbons. You could have them dress in their favorite princess costumes and hold court and have a tea.”


3. Cupcake Decorating. “If you are up to it, you can have a cupcake decorating party," suggests Christina M. "The little girls love them." Make cupcakes in advance and stock up on frosting, sprinkles, and cups and spoons. At the party the children decorate their own cupcakes. Bonus: no need to bake or buy a birthday cake!

4. Bounce Houses and Play Centers. “We rented a bouncy house and had it set up in the park down the street from our house,” shared Stephanie C. “Then we invited her pre-k friends to celebrate, eat cake, pizza and wear themselves out! Worked so well we ended up cutting the party short by an hour.” Other moms recommend holding the party off-site at a play center.

5. Bowling. Affordable, simple and fun, bowling is a great birthday activity, says Marina G.: “The cost was $15.99 per child for 90 minutes of bowling, 2 slices of pizza for each child, unlimited drinks, ice cream, $2 in arcade tokens and a souvenir bowling pin that all the guests signed and we got to keep. All we had to do was bring the cake. It was GREAT fun for the kids…and very boy or girl friendly.”

6. Pirate Party. From Dora and SpongeBob to Barbie, Disney Princesses, Hello Kitty, and Care Bears, many common 5th birthday themes appear only in the cake, invitations and goody bags. A pirate theme, however, can carry over easily into activities. “My girls play pirates just as well as the boys," says Deanna J. "Decorate tropical (palm fronds, tiki torches, parrots...) and let them go on a treasure hunt. Draw a map or make them hunt by easy clue." We also like Janet W.'s idea for a cowboy-cowgirl theme, complete with theme hats, stick horses, and horse races.

Gifts for 5 Year-Old Girls

Racking your brain for the perfect gift for a 5 year-old girl? These three gifts have been big winners at other girls’ 5th birthdays:

  • Outdoor Toys. Bikes—with or without training wheels, depending on her current skill level—are one of the most popular 5th birthday gifts. But other outdoor toys are great too, as Michelle C. shares of her daughter: “She loves soccer so we got her new soccer shoes and a soccer ball.”
  • Dolls. You’re likely already very aware of which dolls your daughter is most keen on. In addition to the doll itself, consider giving her new outfits or accessories.
  • Dress-up Clothes. Think hats, headbands, sunglasses, fancy dresses, doctor garb, pirate and super hero gear, or just about anything sparkly.

Getting Ready for the 5's

As you get ready to leave the 4's behind, be sure to check out The RoundUp's Preschooler and Big Kid sections for tips on raising 5 year-olds. Here's a taste of the year to come:

Image Source: laurenkerns via Flickr/Creative Commons

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