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Happy 8th, Birthday Boy!

Happy 8th, Birthday Boy!

Looking to create the ultimate birthday celebration for your 8-year-old son?

We asked Circle of Moms members whose sons have already hit the 8 year mark for their best ideas on parties and gifts. Boys this age are bursting with energy and love adventure (think sports, Harry Potter, The Transformers and other extraterrestrial beings), so read on for party and gift ideas that will help you create a memorable, fun-packed birthday celebration for your newly 8-year-old boy. 

Great Birthday Parties

1. Sports

Appeal to the aspiring sports star and avid fan in your 8-year-old by staging a sports-themed party. As Jill B. shares, "We went to a triple a baseball game the Indianapolis Indians. From there we went to The Old Spaghetti Factory and had dinner, cake and ice cream. We also opened presents there. Everyone had a great time, not just my son. At the game the kids got special souvenirs and treats and even the mascot joined us in the stands."

Parties where the kids get to jump into the sporting arena also are a big hit, advises Ann C., who hosted a party at an outdoor ice-hockey rink. "Then the boys came in and made their own homemade pizzas and had root beer floats. They opened gifts and played more hockey. I had to coax the kids in for cake because they were having too much fun and sent them home with hockey goody bags! It was a huge success."


2. Adventure

8-year-old boys want lots of activities and games. But instead of having a troupe of third graders racing around your house, many Circle of Moms members suggest taking the action-packed adventure off-site. Sherrie D. took her son and his friends to "a roller skating, go-cart, and rock climbing place" and says "They loved it." And Kelly C. says her son's friends loved swinging from branch to branch high above the ground at a place called Tree Top Adventure Park. "It was fantastic and far exceeded my expectations. The kids had a ball."

Meg G. is another mom who recommends an adventure-themed party, right down to the cake. She decorated her son's with dinosaurs and a volcano, and "it was fabulous."

3. Pool Party!

Whether you head to a local hotel and rent out the pool or set up a backyard version, pool parties make a huge splash with 8-year-old boys, says Markita L. She invited her son's friends and their parents to the neighborhood recreation center and pool. "It was pretty awesome," she shares. "We got an hour for the party room and then open play/swim time for as long as the kids wanted to stay. Everyone had a blast, including the parents." Julissa C. suggests setting up a pool in the back yard for an afternoon party. "We brought in a piñata filled with candy and played in the pool most of the day," she says.

Great Gifts for 8-year-old Boys

1. Wheels

Many Circle of Moms members say 8-year-old boys are fascinated by adventure, scary monsters, and all things locomotion-related, so you know you've got a big hit when you can combine them, as Kelly C. did: "We got him a monster truck and an automatic Nerf gun." New trains and model cars were a big hit for Kristy D.'s son, and Leslie M.'s loved "a remote control model van."

2. Sports-Related Toys and Equipment

If the 8-year-old boy on your list is into sports, you're in luck because there's a huge variety of gifts to choose from. "We got [my son] a football set which includes a small net and a football," says Leslie M. Michelle J. adds that boys this age love anything to do with their favorite sports team or the sport they play, and says her son was thrilled that "We bought him a new bike, goalie mask and some Vancouver Canucks decorations for his room."

3. Video Games

When they're not on the go, there is nothing that makes 8-year-old boys more happy then plopping down in front of a computer screen or TV to play video games, say many Circle of Moms members. The ultimate electronic toy is an iPod Touch, which is what Helene M. says she bought her son for his birthday. But if you're looking for gift that is substantially less expensive, consider the huge variety of video games on the market. "My son loved the Pokemon Black DS game  says Chantelle Z. Jackie S. says her son can't get enough of the Transformers games.

4. Legos

Many Circle of Moms members agree that 8-year-old boys love to build things. "Legos, Legos and Legos is what my son loves," says Markita L.

Advice for the 8th Year

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