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Happy 8th, Birthday Girl!

Happy 8th, Birthday Girl!

Looking to create the ultimate birthday bash for your eight-year-old daughter? Think spa, slumber party and the Jonas Brothers and Taylor Swift. Welcome to the world of tweens. Pre-teens love to pamper themselves and be surrounded by the company of their BFF’s.  If you’re looking to help your daughter and her friends celebrate in style and make her 8th birthday unforgettable, read on for some great party ideas, all of which come highly recommended by other Circle of Moms members, plus a look at the coming year.

Great Birthday Parties

1. Slumber Parties. Eight-year-old girls love to act like “the big girls,” pigging out on pizza, cake and popcorn, and defying curfews with marathon all-night sessions of ghost stories, dancing and boy talk. Circle of Moms member agree that slumber parties are a third-grader’s heaven. As Tammie.D. shares, “We ordered pizzas, jammed up the music (we'd been uploading tunes for weeks) and the girls danced and dressed up in dress-up clothes. The night ended with the girls watching Disney’s Tangled and drifting off to fairytale land."

2. Spa Parties. From mani-pedis to the mall, pampering parties can be simple, fun and very affordable. Take in-SPA-ration from Mom Carla H. who took her daughter and a birthday crew to a spa in the mall for pampering.  “We had a blast,” she says. Then the group headed to a local park where the entire family surprised her with "lots of food (and) games.”


3. Pool Parties. Whether you head to a local hotel and rent out the pool or set up a backyard version, pool parties make a huge splash with 8 year-old girls, says Ellen. Hotel pool parties are easy on moms, advises Dominique C. “I gave my little princess a pool party in a hotel and we ordered pizza,” she says. “We had cupcakes with chocolate and strawberry frosting and we decorated her table with Hello Kitty plates and napkins. The kids had a blast.” Ellen suggests creating water-themed games: “We filled balloons with water and one girl throws it to another and the other has to catch it in a basket."

4. Real Simple Get-togethers. Although there are many popular themes to pick from for an 8 year-old girl, popular does not have to mean expensive. Eight year-old girls just like being surrounded by their friends, says Clare C. “We invited a few friends and had a movie afternoon with DVDs, popcorn, and juice, and we brought in a cake for her to blow out the candles and sang happy birthday. Grace loved it."

Great Gifts

 1. Art, Craft and Scrap-booking Supplies. Many 8 year-old girls love art supplies and other crafting materials, including kits such as fun foam, painting or scrap-booking dollar store. “My 8- year-old loves to scrapbook, and pretty much doing any craft you can think of,” says Vicki F.

2. Collections. Many moms of young girls say their daughters like to collect dolls, jewelry, hair accessories and stuffed toys, so if your 8 year-old has any kind of collection, or aspires to collect something, you can help her build on what she has, advises Vicki F. "My 8-year-old is a collector of Barbie, Ken and all kinds of dolls. She role plays being a teacher to her dolls."

3. Pampering and beauty supplies. Little kits for manicures and pedicures are a great gift for an 8 year-old, says Heidi M. “My nieces and my friends daughters love to set up a beauty parlor in their home.”

4. Bicycles and gear for decorating bikes. Eight year-old girls are seriously on the go. Trading in your daughter's “little girl’s” cycle (the one that had the training wheels) for a shiny new cycling machine is a big hit at age 8. “My daughter wanted a pink-colored bicycle and so that is what we got her," says Ruchika K. “I also made her some beautiful cards." And, she adds, "I let her eat whatever she wanted to eat the whole day.”

Advice for the Coming Year

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