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Happy Birthday, 4 Year-Old Boy!

Happy Birthday, 4 Year-Old Boy!

Having already finessed your son’s past three birthday parties, you're either a birthday expert…or else running out of ideas! Either way, Circle of Moms members have spot-on advice for 4th birthday party ideas, gifts, and tips for the coming year.

4th Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

Things That Go. Does your 4 year-old adore cars, trucks, trains, and planes? Consider a vehicle-based party and theme, suggests mother-of-four Tiffanie S., who was inspired by an entertaining 4th birthday party at a local fire station: “They give the kids a tour of the trucks, teach them cool stuff, and let the birthday boy try on the fireman uniform. After, we went to their house for a firetruck cake and a firetruck pinata. It was a lot of fun.”

Pirates and Treasure Hunts. For boys who love costumes, pirates are a winning birthday party theme. Treasure hunts are also fun for 4 year-olds. Collette T. explains: “They get pictures to take them to the next clue, at the end they end up either at a small treasure chest (the get) to keep, or (with) a key to open a community chest. Even a (treasure) chest-shaped pinata if you have room.”


Bumper Bowling. Looking for an easy, affordable, and off-site location for your son's 4th birthday party? Consider a bowling party, Mindi R. advises: “Check out your local bowling alley. If the parents are staying, they can help the kiddos bowl, and many bowling alleys have bumpers and ramps that help the kids aim the ball.”

Bounce Houses. Bounce houses are popular birthday activities for good reason—kids absolutely love them! As Gina T. shared, you can either rent bounce equipment or hold the party on-site at a jump house: “I rented a jumpy house for my son when he turned four. The kids had a blast! There are places that you can go to have your party indoors with a jumpy house.”

Great Gifts for 4-Year-Old Boys

Outdoor Toys. From soccer balls to foam footballs, gifts that encourage active, outdoor play are great for many 4 year-old boys. As Ariel S. recommends: “Make his mom happy and give him something to do OUTSIDE. The Nerf sports stuff is great for the real little ones too, they don't break windows or faces and are lighter weight so easier to throw and kick around.”

Books. A mother of four boys, Sher C. highly recommends books as presents: “I love books! Books are the gift that keep giving (really)! There are so many great books out there for 4 year-olds! You can't go wrong.”

Cars and Trucks. Several Circle of Moms members recommend toy vehicles for 4-year-old boys. Says Leigh-Ann R.: “I’ve always found (it works best) at that age to get cars or monster trucks.”

Advice for the 4th Year

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