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Happy Ending for Mom Who Accidentally Tossed Son's Life Savings

Happy Ending for Mom Who Accidentally Tossed Son's Life Savings

Happy Ending for Mom Who Accidentally Tossed Son's Life Savings

Have you ever cleaned up your kids' rooms when they weren't around? The story below might make you reconsider this tactic!

Unbeknownst to his mom, 12-year-old Max Becker of New York was hiding his life savings, $300 in cash and gift cards, inside an old computer, the better to keep it out of his twin sister's hands. But when Max returned from Boy Scout camp he was horrified to discover the computer — and his life savings — gone.

His mom had dropped off the machine for e-recycling while he was away. When she found out that she'd also disposed of her son's life savings, she felt terrible. To find out how she got the money back, and how a group of strangers in a neighboring state helped, watch the video below.


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Image Source: NBC News 4 New York

CindyJackson72211 CindyJackson72211 5 years
i felt bad 4 both of them but at least the son din't treat his mom badly coz of it, he knew it was an accident & he got it back!! he is very responsible, wish my kids were like that with their money!! did his mom even know he was saving it is the question???? good job son & mom only thought she was doing a good thing but it turned out ok!!
JenniferGodwin90198 JenniferGodwin90198 5 years
Wow guys - some of you posters need to give the mom a didn't say she was cleaning his room for him because it was dirty...just cleaning out some of his old stuff. I do that regularly with my kids when they aren't around, because if I didn't they would hold on to everything - I get rid of old unused toys, old clothes, etc. So...she was getting rid of an old computer - this was a simple mistake, no more than that. And the boy...he sounds very responsible - I wasn't that responsible with money at 12 years old!! Good for him for thinking ahead. So glad that the story ended on a happy note!
PatriciaFitzgerald49993 PatriciaFitzgerald49993 5 years
I know exactly how she felt but I didn't have a happy ending. We moved recently and threw away a lot of things, one of which was a wooden end table with a door to store stuff. We threw it out and my 14 year old son had put his new Ipod and knew expensive head phones inside. He spent all his Christmas money on those and I'm sure the total $ was close to $300.00. I can't afford to replace them yet but I will. He actually took the news better than I did, which made me feel even worse! :(
PartheniaJasper PartheniaJasper 5 years
MAke them clean their own rooms......ANd if they don't, they get to do NOTHING else:) You gotta hit 'em where it hurts! And theach them to save responsibly.....That would have kept his life savings outta his sister's hands...He would be the only one with access at the bank! No way would I have EVER cleaned my kids rooms. ANd I had three...Modern Mom's! Hmmmmph! Let the kids tell YOu what they will and will not do. Does not fly with me! Grow up Mom's!!!!!!!
SandyJones96474 SandyJones96474 5 years
I chuckle at this, because it is totally something I might accidentally do one day. I can only hope my child saves her money at that age. I had a savings account as a child, but never saw the money. I think I received the total of it when I graduated high school. Anyway, some people like having the cash readily available to them, so they keep it in their house. Nothing wrong with that up to a certain amount just to be safe. Some people prefer to keep their money in a bank, because they tend to spend it, if they have it on hand. That works too, especially if the bank is nearby. It's all good. What I got out of the story is that the son saves his money, and the mother cleans house while being considerate of the environment and charity.
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