Moms need to work it, even when it's not easy! Some career driven mamas are in a constant juggle as they try to keep their home, work, and personal lives in motion. We asked our moms the toughest part. And Twitter follower @CathiThalia said, "Have you got all day?"

  • Finding balance: As akseymour said, "It's hard to be up all night with a sick child and then be coherent at work. It's also hard to have a stressful day at work and separate that from your kids when you get home."
  • Guilt: Facebook fan Alisha McWhorter expressed it best, "I love my little girl and there are days I feel guilty I don't get to be with her. And guilty that I know I need a job to help me stay sane and balanced. But then I am reminded that I am modeling for my little girl, and I want her to see that you can be a mommy and a working woman all at once, and do them both well."
  • Finding proper care: Twitter follower @xx_ajp_xx told us that leaving your child in someone else's care was the toughest part.
  • Exhuastion: As Facebook fan Tricia Talerico said, "I'm always tired [and] don't get anything done until my son goes to sleep for the night. Then I stay up late so I can get 'me' time."
  • Going with the flow: LilSugar pointed out that a mama could have her entire day planned out to the minute, but "then something happens and it all goes haywire!" erniew echoed the same sentiment, "I am trying to control things less and just go with the flow. Be less temperamental and irritated and more relaxed/in tune with what is happening right at that moment."