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Calling All Wizards: A Harry Potter Party For Kids

Jul 31 2014 - 11:57am

Hogwarts fans, be warned! This fantastical Harry Potter [1] party is going to blow your mind. An 11-year-old Gryffindor fan got the birthday party of a lifetime — complete with spell-casting classes, Hedwig the owl, and golden snitches — and every detail about it is completely copy-worthy. Get inspired to throw your own Hogwarts-themed bash, be it a birthday or a Halloween [2] party, and check out this Harry Potter party for kids!

Source: Tradewind Tiaras [3]

Welcome to Hogwarts!

Tiny wizards in attendance were greeted by this Harry Potter dessert table filled with spell book cakes and themed sugar cookies — and lots more sugary sweets!

Source: Tradewind Tiaras [4]

A Special Friendly

Whoo! Whoo! Keeping watch over the sugary Harry Potter spread was a plush owl, reminiscent of Harry's pet owl Hedwig, on a DIY rustic wooden cake stand [5].

Source: Tradewind Tiaras [6]

Harry Potter Dessert Table

Spell book cakes, broom sugar cookies, and chocolate owl pops, oh my! This is definitely not your traditional party dessert table, but it all looks so yummy.

Source: Tradewind Tiaras [7]

Harry Potter Birthday Cake

A spell book birthday cake! A custom Potter-themed birthday cake with decorative elements iconic of the fantasy series — like Harry Potter glasses, scarf, and wand — was the main attraction of the dessert table.

Source: Tradewind Tiaras [8]

More Spell Book Goodness

That's not all: a second cake, shaped and decorated to resemble two stacked books, also adorned the table and fooled party guests into thinking that they were real books.

Source: Tradewind Tiaras [9]

Harry Potter Sugar Cookies

Scrumptious themed sugar cookies — in the shape of brooms, owls, and sorting hats — added a glittery touch to this lucky birthday girl's Harry Potter birthday party!

Source: Tradewind Tiaras [10]

Golden Snitch Cake Pops

Snitch! The golden snitch holds special significance in the fantasy series —  and a Harry Potter party would not be complete without it. Each little wizard got a chance to catch a snitch in their mouths — just like Harry Potter — with these golden cake pops!

Source: Tradewind Tiaras [11]

Harry Potter Table Centerpieces

As lil guests made their way to their seats, thematic centerpieces decorated the tables — like "blind cat eyes" in a mason jar!

Source: Tradewind Tiaras [12]

Harry Potter Party Crafts and Activities

Kiddies had plenty of activities to keep them busy. The celebration kicked off by having lil guests put together their very own felt owls to keep as pets — just like Harry Potter himself!

Source: Tradewind Tiaras [13]

Personalized Harry Potter Party Favors

This sweet birthday girl hand-carved wands for each guest! They were personalized with name labels and were the most perfect handmade touch for her party.

Source: Tradewind Tiaras [14]

Classes, Spells, and Mixing Potions

Accio! Guests also received a special booklet — with spells and their Hogwart's class schedule. First class on the schedule? Herbology! Partygoers planted basil seeds and decorated pots with glitter paint.

Source: Tradewind Tiaras [15]

Bubbly Harry Potter Beverages

Spells were cast, potions were mixed, and divinations were made — but most important, fun was had! This Harry Pottery birthday party was a total hit.

Source: Tradewind Tiaras [16]

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