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Has the Healthy Food Fight Gone Too Far?

Has the Healthy Food Fight Gone Too Far?

Students at Little Village Academy now have two options for lunch: eat the cafeteria food - or go hungry. In an effort to provide students with healthier meals, the Chicago public school decided to ban homemade lunches. But parents and children say the new policy is simply ridiculous.

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Should your child's school dictate what they eat?

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JenHansen47536 JenHansen47536 6 years
I bet its about the money. That is the only thing that makes sense. Are they going to stand over them and make sure they eat the balanced meal and have you ever looked at what they serve? Fat, processed, over cooked slop!
KeelyCulver KeelyCulver 6 years
That is effing stupid!
DeniseNace DeniseNace 6 years
No way! That is absolutely unacceptable. No way would they tell me what I can or can't feed my own children.
LisaTanguay LisaTanguay 6 years
I disagree with this policy. I agree that there have to be limits on what kids can bring from home, but parents have rights to send their kids with lunches. When my child enters school she will be bringing her lunch from home with all healthy choices, just like I send her with now to her sitters (hummus, broccoli, a fruit of some kind, cheese, yogurt and other such things). I run a summer program and all the kids are required to eat the food we serve, but it is included in their fee for the program. They get breakfast, lunch and snack. Breakfast always has fresh fruit, lunch always has salad or a veggie tray with low fat dip. My organizations pays the bill for the fresh fruit and veggies because the USDA won't. They will cover one fruit or veggie per meal and that is it. So if you have a salad they will only pay for the lettuce mix from a bag, if you have fruit at breakfast,they only pay you back for a very small amount. The USDA considers pickles, sauce on pizza and tomato sauce a vegetable, so if you have pizza, they say no other veggie or fruit cause of the sauce. Thank goodness my program pays for the extra cause 73% of our kids are on free or reduced lunch and this is the best meal they get everyday. But the lunches in the same school during the school year are terrible...The teachers won't touch them. I have a different cook for my program thank goodnes. I don't know what this school is thinking, but this is not a good idea.
sheronwindsor sheronwindsor 6 years
Just crazy. Here in Fairfax, they took away choc milk for elem students. but we just had the school fundraiser at McDonalds..come on. Healthy eating should be taught at home...
ShiraleeKidd ShiraleeKidd 6 years
Ok im going to go against what most other people have said. I think its a great idea, they obviously have reason and thought behind it. I dont believe it was done to take rights away from parents. Some kids take nothing but junk food to school then we wonder why our kids are getting so fat. I think as long as the food is kept nutritious with a bit of variety, they are doing a great thing.
RenaeDillon RenaeDillon 6 years
Fair if the Tuck shop is free!
GraceMeisner GraceMeisner 6 years
Poor kids.
DonnaH29052 DonnaH29052 6 years
omg that is like saying every parent that has a child in that school does not know how to feed them. that is so insulting!
JenniferKontonasakis JenniferKontonasakis 6 years
You know, I always felt guilty at the WIC office, convinced I was never feeding my kids enough healthy food. I was so hard on myself. THEN, my kids got on the free lunch program at school. One day, at the supermarket, my daughter grabbed a bag of Cheetos and said, "MOM! They sell these things at the store!!! We can buy them!" She'd been getting them at the school for lunch - before then she didn't even know about most of the junk food out there. I'm not saying that the schools aren't trying, but the lunches they serve aren't necessarily that nutritious, and they aren't better than what my kids get at home by far! I would be furious if my right to feed my children as I see fit were taken away.
CheridahMcCray CheridahMcCray 6 years
My friend had gotten an Approved Lunch list from her kindergartener's school. They tried to dictate what snacks could be sent in to reduce junk food. She feeds her kids healthy snacks, but just doesn't approve of someone telling everyone what to do. Especially parents who may not be able to afford organic farmer's market products for their family.
MelissaPhelps83070 MelissaPhelps83070 6 years
I agree with most of these comments! This is our governments way of controlling ppl! My son only eats certain things at his school and the thought throat this school would rather kids not eat all day than let them bring food in from home is absurd!!! Besides as the parent it is up to me what I will allow or not allow my kids to eat no one should be able to tell me what I can and can't feed my kids!!!! I think this is ridiculous and would definitely pull my kid out of that school!!!!
DyannRutledge DyannRutledge 6 years
I could see myself removing my child from that school before the ink was dry on this new rule. Last I checked, schools are supposed to teach, support and be a safe haven for children, not starve them. This is why we have so many reduced and free school lunch make sure children are not going without food. Schools do not have the right to dictate for parents. My son is in a privae school because of special dietary needs and I trust the teachers there to understand that those needs in order to avoid a crisis unlike the teachers in a school with 30+ kids in each class who wouldn't have time to notice a problem until it was time to take a trip to the ER. Also, the school in this article is going to notice behavioral issues after lunch for those students that went without and then they will have anger issues from their parents to contend with.
GemimaHansen GemimaHansen 6 years
I think I would seriously pull my child out of public school! Who is to say what my child should and should not eat? What if I don't agree with what they "consider" healthy? Can they guarantee its organic or fresh? It's bad enough most schools are peanut free but at least that makes sense!
MechelleLehman MechelleLehman 6 years
I would remove my kid from the school. She doesn't eat school lunches and only ever rarely wants to. Some children get far healthier meals from their own parents than they EVER would get at school. I understand the desire to have healthier children but it is really wise to give them what isn't really wonderfully healthy food at the school and tell them they just don't eat?! Perhaps asking the parents to take classes on Healthy Eating and proper lunches for the ages of their children might be a wiser choice. If the parents are worried about their children's weight than they should be the ones who try to do something about it.
LizOrrico LizOrrico 6 years
I find it interesting that some people think this is a good idea. Our schools are depressingly lacking in academics, especially CPS, yet they have the time to dictate a lunch policy. This isn't about healthy choices, it's about MONEY! My children have no allergies and we would not qualify for assistance, therefore we would be spending almost $7 a day on lunch. That's about $1200 a year!! Like CPS cares about what our kids are eating, puh-lease
lw20230 lw20230 6 years
I think that this is a great idea...some parents are not always able to give their children healthy food so why not allow the schools to let our children have at least one healthy meal a day? As long as they allow for children's allergies and actually offer healthy food and not just some sort of processed is a great idea.
nancycota nancycota 6 years
this is incredibly ridiculous..Once again the local government trying to dictate what happens with our children. yet another reason why I homeschool
BrandiLaw BrandiLaw 6 years
might seem too far but ppl are idiots and are loading themselves and their kids up with shit.
CaroleeHayward CaroleeHayward 6 years
Sooo it is more healthy for the kids to go hungry?
MelissaOdelius MelissaOdelius 6 years
I think it's great that a school system is taking an active interest in the health of their student population. However, I must say, I've never seen "healthy" cafeteria food at any school I've gone to. I think if they wanted to regulate and ensure healthier choices for their youth, they should send home new lunch guidelines. Maybe stating certain foods not permitted to be sent for lunch? But telling a parent they're not allowed to bag their childs lunch is ridiculous. What about those with special diets? Vegans? Diabetics? Some have strict diets due to religious beliefs. I find it highly unlikely that the school would be capable of meeting each students personal needs.
CaroleeHayward CaroleeHayward 6 years
So it is more healthy for them to go hungry?
ElizeMarcotte ElizeMarcotte 6 years
My question is: are they as concerned about the children's education, which is why the kids are there in the first place?
JessicaZellner JessicaZellner 6 years
Ridiculous. I have to pack my son's lunch on some days because he is allergic to some of the stuff on the school lunch menu. Not too mention how overpriced school lunches are. What are they going to do next, require parents to buy food from the school to feed their children on weekends and ban them from feeding their children their own food? Again, absolutely ridiculous.
RebeccaFlaig RebeccaFlaig 6 years
Wow that is totally crazy, I think I would have to take my child out of that school. And I agree with every other statement here. What are they trying to do take rights way from children and protect them from the parents. A simple "ban" of selling bad foods is all that is needed.
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