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Hatch Collection Labor and Delivery Clothes

The Hatch-to-Hospital Box: Ga Ga or Gag?

Packing for the hospital has never been easier, thanks to HATCH Collection and Gilt. While the idea of packing a bag of necessities for an unknown experience fills many mamas with fear, HATCH is introducing a collection of high-end birthing room essentials that reflect Ariane Goldman's belief that maternity clothes should be luxurious, comfortable, and unstructured.

The HATCH-to-Hospital box is filled with a supersoft knee-length nightgown, a gray jersey robe, a pair of gray cashmere socks, and a specially designed pair of Cosabella panty briefs so mom doesn't feel like she's sacrificing style her baby. Designed to be a grab-and-run box that eliminates the need to stew over what actually goes into a hospital bag. The box currently resides on HATCH Collection's site for $248, but on beginning on May 19 (and ending on May 22), it will appear on for $205 to celebrate Pregnancy Awareness Month.

Luxury does come at a price, but is this pregnancy wear simply over the top? Vote in the poll and tell us below!

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Elizabeth47228 Elizabeth47228 4 years
I think it's great, if you don't have a c-section. I was wearing HUGE granny panties for two weeks before all the swelling in my pelvis right under my scar went down. I literally hobbled into Walgreens and then Wal-Mart right after I was discharged and asked if they sold hospital panties.
techkim techkim 4 years
This made me laugh as a mom who has a 7 week old baby. You would need at least 3 of these boxes because guess what people, you bleed all over everything the first 24 hours. It ain't pretty.
RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 4 years
I think this is a beautiful gift. I could never afford it, but for someone who has enough money, I think it is a great thing to give as a gift. I don't really think purchasing this to "take the thought of the bag" is necessary (I assume it's easier to throw a pair of my own socks into a bag than to purchase this thing online), but I think the contents are useful, no doubt high quality, and can be used long after the pregnancy.
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