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Have Georgia's Anti-Obesity Ads Gone Too Far? (PHOTOS)

Have Georgia's Anti-Obesity Ads Gone Too Far? (PHOTOS)

Have Georgia's Anti-Obesity Ads Gone Too Far? (PHOTOS)

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta is defending a new ad campaign which aims to wake parents up to the health risks of these extra pounds. But critics say the ads, which pair images of overweight kids with taglines such as "It's hard to be a little girl if you're not," and "My fat may be funny to you but it's killing me," are more harmful than helpful.

The agency intended for the ads to be grim. The hope is to get the attention of Georgia's parents, and begin a conversation about changing habits. The state has the second highest childhood obesity rate in the country.

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As a parent, do you think these ads will help?

Image Source: Strong4Life via New York Daily News

StephanieMullins40168 StephanieMullins40168 5 years
I agree with Amanda S. there is far more worse things including cartoons that are made for children. These posters are made for parents so they open their eyes to make their children healthy. and for the comments on how dose the little girl feel.... hello they can't post a picture of a minor, or anyone for that matter, without their consent! I am sure they asked to do so and in turn they paid to post her image. Or gave her family something in return for letting them photograph her.
boofsmom boofsmom 5 years
No, I don't think this is going too far. I do hope the little girl in the ad knew what they were going to say and why they were taking the pictures before they came out, but I am sure that the company doing the ads made darn sure they did for legal reasons. (It may also have been photoshopped.) I do believe the parents are mostly at fault for kids being overweight. It drives my sisters nuts that I do not make my children clean their plate at family dinners. Our parents made us clean our plate when we were growing up, and I remember sitting there for hours sometimes because I simply did not want what was left, or sometimes because I didn't like what we were having (liver and onions. UGH) I see no reason to force a child to eat something they don't want. Also, by making them always clean their plate, you are teaching them to continue to eat even when they are no longer hungry. This simply adds to the chance of them being overweight. Some kids simply don't eat as much as others. Some eat more. Some would rather eat small portions throughout the day. Everyone's body, especially a child's, tells them how much to eat. By ignoring that and forcing more in, you are simply training it to want more. The same goes for liking foods. Not everyone likes the same foods! My son LOVES broccoli. He will eat it for a snack. My husband hates it. I can't eat corn. S some nights we will make corn and broccoli for supper, just smaller portions of each. (Frozen veggies are great for this, you only make what you need.) Do YOU eat foods you don't like? Then why are you forcing your child to? Whenever we introduce something new, I have always made my kids try it, but I don't make them eat it if they really don't like it. When my daughter got old enough, I told her she could make her own meal if she didn't like what we were having. For my son, who is 6, we keep foods on hand that are quick and easy if we are having something we know he doesn't like. And we keep a limited amount of 'junk food' on hand. We don't ban it entirely, because that just makes them want it more. But they get it in reasonable amounts. My son CANNOT drink pop because of his ADHD, but my daughter doesn't react to it that way. So she can have it, but being at the age where she puts weight on easily, she is limited to one 12-16 oz per day. She may not have one every day, but when she does, she can only have one. You have to have rules, but you also have to be reasonable. And if people aren't going to do that, then this ad is what they deserve.
LynneCruz LynneCruz 5 years
Obesity is a sad state to be in as a child. I think that if anyone wants to change it, then help the parents learn how to make better choices instead of making them feel worse.
MonikaWoods MonikaWoods 5 years
The person that says it's the parents fault and not the government? Most of those overweight kids were raised on foodstamps that had them eating cereal (packaged processed crap) and milk (baby cow food) cheese (bacteria poop) and other junk.
MonikaWoods MonikaWoods 5 years
I think Georgia has gone WAY TO FAR with this. It is bad enough that overweight people have to deal with no respect and one of the last approved discrimination, but now they are forcing this discrimination on people. There are many medical reasons for obesity that are never found until people are in there forties or fifties. I thought I was a heifer that could not control herself until I found out that I had an almost non existent thyroid and an infected gall bladder. Now I actually have an appetite that says yes and no. Before I felt like I was starving all the time. SHAME ON GEORGIA CHILDREN'S HEALTHCARE OF ATLANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU disgust ME!
DesireeBurcaw DesireeBurcaw 5 years
I live in GA and when I passed by the billboard outside of Atlanta, I will admit my first thought was "That poor child!" While I understand the point of the ad (to raise awareness about childhood obesity and the health problems that result, such as diabetes) my first concern was for the actual child in the ad. When I made this comment to my husband he said "Maybe she has diabetes and agreed to do the ad to help keep others from having the same problem." It is a good point- if the child in the ad KNOWS why she is posing and has a feeling of accomplishment from doing them, then maybe it can be a good thing for her and give her a purpose and motivation to be the "after" picture someday. And if GA has the second highest incidence of childhood obesity in the country, then I think it's irresponsible for them not to address it. I also think we should consider WHY we have this obesity problem in America. Many people hold that it is a simple equation- eat less, move more- but there are many who do not have success with this simple equation; no matter what they eat (or don't eat) and how much they exercise, they are still obese. What needs to be examined is WHAT is in our food and how it is being processed. I wonder how much of GA's issue comes from the fact that so many foods are imported from other states or countries, needing to be preserved for transport. How much food do we eat that is actually FRESH?
KristenRussett KristenRussett 5 years
I think the ads are very very needed. I don't think there is an excuse for childhood obesity (only maybe in very extreme cases) and it's time that people jump up and take notice and start doing something about it.
KathleenKeene KathleenKeene 5 years
I wish that something more drastic had been done to teach me how to eat better when I was "little," as I was tormented by other kids at church and school. If you have a child who is tending to be overweight, look at when they eat. Do they go hungry and not eat after teasing? This is one of the biggest causes, because going hungry now wil cause binging later. Look at what they eat. Do they eat a lot of meat, cheese, pop, and refined carbohydrates, like white bread? Tell them that these are treats, not everyday foods. Make available to them lots of fun fruits and vegetable they LIKE, and introduce them to new ones; have them pick them out at the store. This is what I would tell my mom to do, if I could go back in time.
AlisonCrockett AlisonCrockett 5 years
Not sure if this will help or hurt, but what it will do is cause a ruckus and hopefully bring people to a point of dealing with it. There are lots of people who are over weight for a variety of reasons, but the fact of the matter that there is an epidemic of overweight children. And there frankly is no easy way to talk about it. There are people who do their best, but still have obese children. But frankly, this wasn't an issue till about 20 years ago, en masse. In 1950, and obese child or teenager was very, very rare because we ate very differently and had a different activity level. Our idea of fat back then was Ethel on "ILove Lucy". Does anyone think she's fat now? Just as hopefully helpful note, try having your entire family eat off of salad plates as your main plate. That's what we do. Then you can have seconds without feeling so bad and kids and parents for that matter eat the amount the human body was originally intended to eat.
AshleyGloster AshleyGloster 5 years
I think the ads are fine. Some kids cannot help their obesity due to medical conditions and such - those are not the obese kids the ads are targeting. The ads are targeting the parents who don't care about the health and well being of their child. Sadly their are people who don't care what their children eat & how it affects their health & weight. If your kid is obese due to a condition than you shouldn't be offended by these ads unless you are in denial and just trying to make yourself believe that is why your kid is obese. People like to throw the blame and self diagnose to keep themselves from looking bad.
AmyDarrington AmyDarrington 5 years
JanieceSmith68059 JanieceSmith68059 5 years
Admitting tat a child or yourself is obese is not denying anything at all. When you know what types of food to eat and know to exercise and do these things and still are overweight especially for a child, it is frustrating. But how can the parents be blamed when they do everything possible for that child and they are still overweight then why continue to blame the parents....if it wasn't genetics then what you do would work for that child. My parents made me eat healthy, had me outside all the time and I was still overweight. I do the same for my child, we walk 2 miles every day and I watch we she eat so how are these ads going to help?? They are just sick and the people blaming the parents are clueless, it's not denial, it's not neglect, it's reality. It does having to be cautious and my daughter (who btw is almost 12 but has a mental disorder where she has the mentality of a 5 year old) knows all too well how she has to watch what he eats and even reminds me to eat healthy, she loves veggies and salads wo dressing and fruit and knows these things are good for her. We don't keep junk food and don't eat fast food except pizza every once in awhile after ahe has veggies to fill up on first. She's still overweight, dr. Says no physical problems, just her mental so we keep on doing what's right but don't let it consume our life. These ads are just rude, these kids know they are overweight so why torture them especially those who really try. ....parents are not always to blame and genetics has a part and should not be ignored. That was my point.
EviDowell EviDowell 5 years
When you have multiple children and maybe only one is obese. the only thing that means is that your children are individuals and should eat according to them not their siblings, not their parents, not their classmates. we're all unique and our bodies all work individual. Is it fair? Hell no. My brother was always thin growing up. and i was overweight. Now my husband can eat anything he wants (and be stick thin) and i can look at a piece of cake and gain 2lbs. IT SUCKS! BUT guess what, it is what it is. I have to be more cautious about what I eat then some others. Denying it will only make me fatter.
LorettaMiller37974 LorettaMiller37974 5 years
I am convinced, with exception to medical reasons, that being healthy and keeping a healthy weight is a combination of not only what you eat (for the nutrition) but how much of it you eat in contrast to how much of the food's energy you burn (exercise). I am not a doctor, but I have seen the major effects of this combination. Portion control does not mean starve, it means eating just what your body needs and not eating beyond the "satisfied" feeling. If after you eat you are groaning, that was way too much. It's hard, though, because I would like to eat cookies all day, nonstop. LOL.
JanieceSmith68059 JanieceSmith68059 5 years
OMG, how ignorant the media has made people!!! My mother had 2 kids raised Exactly the same way: one obese one not. I have 4kids raised Exactly the same way: all have the same father whom I've been married to for 19 years. We all eat the same meals, I fix one supper and that's what we eat, no going out for one or another. 3 of my kids are not obese, 1 is. My 17 year old can eat an entire pizza alone and is still average weight for his height. My 13 year old constantly eats and is skinny as a rail, my 10 year old is picky and has some GI problems but is average weight. However, my 11(almost 12) year old is obese. She will eat just about anything in front of her and so will my 17 and 13 year old who are not obese. So how in the world could this obesity problem be 100% the parents fault, the parents lifestyle they put in front of their children when in my family is the same as was the same for me and my sister ( I the obese one, my sister not)????? You can not tell me genetics has nothing to do with it, my family is living proof that genetics plays a huge part!!!! Anyone that tells you different is lying or ignorant period. Bring on the scientists let them study my family and explain why 1out of 4 of my kids is obese and why 1 out of 2 of my mom's kids was obese and why 2 out of 4 of my grandmother's kids were obese. Wake up people and stop the media bullying and stop them from causing more ignorance in our society. Knowledge is power!!!!
CaraIvey CaraIvey 5 years
I didn't think Evelyn's comment was harsh at all. I don't think she sounds like a calorie counting drill sergent either. She has a good point, parents are responsible for setting good lifestyle choices for their children. It is a part of being a parent. Plain and simple. Of course there are children with medical issues that render them helpless against weight issues, but we do know that most of obese children (and adults) are not suffered with those conditions. In those specific cases, it is upon the parents. Children will eat what you give them. I have 4 kids. I have seen how 4 different bodies take on weight. My first has always been skinny and lanky. The next was a chunky little baby (now at almost 4 he has run/played/grown out of the chunky phase). The next were twins. One was again pin thin, still is... The other, another chunker. Bodies definatly DO take on different shapes. But once a child enters the range of obesity, it is uaually not just the differ in human shape. I don't think I'm a drill sergent for turning off the TV. It IS healthier for kids to get out and run and play and pretend. To ride bikes, race, skip rope, chase chickens (gandparents have a farm). It is also just as important to teach our kids that acceptance is nothing but expected. In NO WAY is it ever OK to make fun of anyone!! No matter what color, shape, religion... To make someone feel bad about themselves is unacceptable in my eyes. I am not skinny after 4 kids, and my family eats very healthy. I deffinitly have more belly than I'd like. I'm about 5'6" an average around 150lbs. Sure, if I had more excersise I could be fit and thin. But I KNOW that I'm not becoase I CHOOSE not to. I CHOOSE how I live and how I look. My choices do affect my kids, no question. Untill a child is old enough to drive away from your home, you in fact ARE in charge of diet, TV hours, gaming hours ect. It is not "Drill sergent" actions to turn off the tv, or ask them to put down the IPOD (I have a kid that could sit for hours and listen to music) and go PLAY. We can still support their specific interests, maybe they join a band or whatever when older. There is NO denying that getting out and playing IS better for kids. If you are a parent that has your children eating healthy meals (yes of course we all go for fast food a couple times a month), and your children spend more time out playing and prentending, or reading... Then you have nothing to be upset over. You should know that these comments aren't directed towards you personaly. This is directed to parents who choose the TV for hours because it's easier, those who choose fast food several days a week because it's easier, choose processed foods because it's easier than pushing those veggies/whole wheats/freash fruits, and choose to be OK with obese children. This is not geared towards judging those kids or parents, it is geared towards helping solve these problems. I feel self concious enough with my body. I'll be darned if I'm going to sit back and allow those same hardships upon children who are too young to handle the emotional upset of those emotions. They are kids, they deserve to have a happy, worry free, full of play childhood. Making bad decicions for them is robbing them of their right to childhood. At the same time, I teach my kids not to ruin the day of the unpopular kid at school. I think these adds should have another add right next tothem about bullying. I also think we should be able to count on schools to support a more healthy lifestyle. My kids schools hot lunches are so ridiculous I refuse to sign up for free hot lunch. (we would definatly be approved for these with our paychecks) But I make it MY CHOICE how my kids eat. If it all goes to hell, I'll have no one to blame but myself...
MistyColeman18003 MistyColeman18003 5 years
This is for HCargill just because you don't sit on your ass, as you so RUDELY ASSUMED other people do doesn't mean a damn thing. I know so many THIN, SKINNY people that have the most outrageous cholesterol in the world so since you don't everybody's history you're judge a very superficial person who thinks just because someone's skinny they're healthy. So, how does it feel having someone judging you? Not very good huh?! You really should get off your high horse because nobody is going to listen to such bitchy words. If you really care then you might try speaking nicely and offering advice and education not judgement!!!!!!
MistyColeman18003 MistyColeman18003 5 years
@Evelyn I take it your privileged enough that you don't have to work 2 or 3 jobs to support your family and that you can be the drill sergeant you sound like. God help your kids if they ever put on a few pounds. Constantly berating children, bombardment of unrealistic body images and making them fear every calorie consumed only stands to make them insecure leading to binging, bulimia or anorexia. Parents can not police their children 24/7 and children will sneak things if they are constantly denied! Not to mention there are many psychological factors as well and there could be medical issues too. So next time you want to be so high and mighty you probably should just keep to yourself until you've been in someone else's shoes. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO JUDGE ANYONE, YOU DON'T ALWAYS KNOW ALL THE FACTS!
EvelynBenchimol EvelynBenchimol 5 years
I believe parents who let their children get obese at such a young age should be charged with neglect. Sorry but parents make their kids fat!!! Plain and simple. Parents are to blame. As a parent you are the first one to teach your kid what foods are good and which aren't, you are the one that teaches them physical activity is a must, you can take the easy way out and blame the fast food restos, the lack of gym time in schools, etc, but ultimately it comes down to what you do for your kids! These commercials tell the truth, and the truth hurts sometimes. Something has to be done. It isn't fair for children to grow up like that!
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