Desperate times cause for different contraceptive measures. Forty-eight percent of lilsugar readers said they'd take a Dollar Store pregnancy test with many adding that they already use them. In light of the recession, a recent report also said that women are tightening birth control budgets and relying on cheaper, less-reliable methods. It said:

The survey, conducted by the Gallup Organization, found 3 percent of women of child-bearing age had quit using birth control because they could not afford it. Six percent of women using a hormonal form of birth control, such as the pill, said they had abandoned the method because they could not afford it. Ten percent of women said they were worried about their ability to keep paying for contraception. Some women said they had switched birth control methods because of cost.

The piece goes on to state that about 50 percent of American pregnancies are unintended and 20 percent of the women polled have become more concerned about unexpected pregnancy.