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Have You Ever Misused Your Kid's School Directory?

A booklet of personal phone numbers and email addresses has proven too tempting for many New York parents who use or abuse their children's school directories for their own benefit. Rather than planning playdates and organizing classroom snack schedules, moms and pops are using the resource to send political mailings, real estate listings and fundraising inquiries.

Have you used your child's school directory for other reasons?


macgirl macgirl 8 years
My son's class mom sent out non class related emails last year. I asked her if she could only include me in the classroom related emails. Seriously, I have enough people in my life that forward me stupid stuff I just don't have time for people to abuse my email address.
vmruby vmruby 8 years
No....In this school district there are guidelines with these lists and they were made solely for the child's protection. Here you have the option of just putting either the child's phone number and/or address in the directory or nothing at all not even a name.It's totally up to the parents. Personally I will only use the class list strictly for my daughter's playdates and when I need to send birthday party invites. I really haven't come across any problems whatsoever with any of the other parent's using it for any other reason besides what it was meant to be used for.
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