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Sex in the Delivery Room — Yeah, It's a Thing!

For many couples, it takes time and a few tricks to bring sexy back after having baby. But some new moms and dads get back in the saddle, so to speak, mere minutes after their child is born. Yes, you read that right, couples are skipping the traditional six-week wait and getting down and dirty right in the delivery room. Well, sort of. Given what their bodies just went through, many women say they simply "pleasure" their husbands, though a few own up to having full-on sex in their hospital beds. When asked why, most of the new moms said they want to reward their partner for getting them through the last nine months — like a push present for husbands. I don't know about you ladies, but I would much rather buy my man a new watch.

What do you think of sex right after baby? Share your thoughts in our poll and on the comment section below.

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Mary-GraceWeir1372388603 Mary-GraceWeir1372388603 2 years

Husbands! love your wives like God Loves the Church! Is there no self respect? Cant the man wait? This is a sad sign of the degenerate times and a perverse generation.

reemaroy reemaroy 2 years

It's so sweet I like it. I will tri this position.

BonnieDorsey63830 BonnieDorsey63830 2 years

He got a reward by her giving him that beautiful baby. As a labor and delivery nurse I agree with Missy. Have been in that scenerio and walked in on patients and their husbands. Its embarrasing for everyone involved.

jeff1376266399 jeff1376266399 2 years

And "depends" is the operative word in MY post that YOU'RE ignoring. As in "it depends on how the woman has treated him for the last 9 months". I'm using "depends" the same way she uses "most". Nobody, however, bothered to respond to her post about "the woman receiving a reward".....while my post garnered about five. Point being, if it's bad for the woman, ignore, ignore, ignore. If it's bad for the big bad man, make sure to respond, respond, respond.

jeff1376266399 jeff1376266399 2 years

It's so hilarious how you all, so conveniently, just forget about the post I was originally responding to. The post that said "women do all the work for the kids for the following 18 years after birth so THEY should receive a reward". If you're under the impression that both members of the couple bring home the bacon then it's also true that men are doing just as much, if not more, work at home while wifey is earning all the dough.

rachelchitongo1395134740 rachelchitongo1395134740 2 years

They must have had easy births. My first pregnancy was prolonged and ended up with millions of sutures (that's what it felt like to me). Second pregnancy C-section, I could hardly turn the next day, felt crammed sharing the tiny bed with my precious bundle, didn't want to let him go neither did I want to crush kind of a rock and hard place scenario.

monica54835 monica54835 2 years

first of all the vagina goes back into place after baby is born. it's
kinda like a slinky opens up then goes back. Secondly, No woman should
ever have sex immediately after delivery of a baby. That is asking for
an infection. The cervix is not healed for at least 6 weeks. I know
because I am a mom and a Birth Doula! thirdly sex in a hospital is
neither romantic or sexy and is disrespectful of others. If you want to
cuddle and smooch that is okay. Any man wanting to have sex immediately
after delivery is not a real man he is a monster. A reward? That depends
on how the Man treated the Woman and baby before during and after. A
real man deserves affection yes. But, a real man waits and helps the
woman heal by physically helping her with chores and baby duties as much
as he possibly can. Some women have such horrible births that it can
take up to a year to heal from. I was hurt by my childbirth. I can have
sex. but, I can't do certain physical activities due to nerve damage.
That nerve damage is permanent. It's called Postpartum Femoral Neuropathy.Among other health issues due to childbirth. This is just disgusting to me than anyone would do this.

RebeccaTurner14746 RebeccaTurner14746 2 years

Ok, whew!

Mike67395 Mike67395 2 years

Haha...of course...

This whole article is absurd. I mean, honestly, some people are just nuts! As for rewards, both parents deserve a reward.

The real reward is having the chance to raise a little baby and teach him or her the right ways to live life.

My wife and I have a little boy who is nearly 2 years and 10 months old. The reward we both get is seeing him develop into a nice little boy. All those countless hours teaching him about proper manners, learning new things, reading to him, playing with him, giving him's all a reward. To think people are having sex in the delivery room as some kind of reward is astounding considering the real work has yet to begin!!

Gotta love these crazy people....

JoannaBass JoannaBass 2 years

Is this a joke?

RebeccaTurner14746 RebeccaTurner14746 2 years

Obviously you're joking. Please say you're joking.

DavidEverett DavidEverett 2 years

Oh, for pete sake. I have been in the delivery room twice and I can assure you the only thing on my mind after seeing my wife give birth was to guard the door so that she could SLEEP. Just how insensitive could any man be to want to jump the mother of his new born after what she just went through. Aside from that, if anyone DESERVES pleasure, it certainly is not HIM.

MigenaGjylhasaniCanhasi MigenaGjylhasaniCanhasi 2 years

Absolutely true. They don't need anything more than the joy of holding their precious child as a reward.

eileenmice eileenmice 2 years

As has been mentioned here - but only a few times - aside from a new mom's exhaustion and, likely, pain, the risk of infection right after birth is HUGE! There's an open line right into the mother's bloodstream, with open blood vessels in the uterus, and a wide open cervix leading to them, that take weeks to heal. That's why (unless it's changed since my day) new moms get to wear those fabulous bulky old sanitary pads - forget tampons in that unhealed environment.

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