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Are Dangerous Shortcuts Being Taken in Delivery Rooms?

Hospitals have been making shortcuts that could compromise a mother's safety during delivery of her baby, The Huffington Post reports.

In a recent survey of more than 3,200 health care providers on labor and delivery teams, more than 90 percent of doctors, nurses, and midwives reported that they had observed a colleague taking a shortcut, such as not washing hands or failing to change gloves. About two-thirds of doctors, 60 percent of midwives, and 77 percent of nurses said that what they saw undermined patient safety, harmed patients, or led them to seriously consider leaving their job, the researchers said. The study will be published in an upcoming issue of the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology.

To find out how many confronted their colleagues about their concerns, read the whole story at The Huffington Post.

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GingerGarner73363 GingerGarner73363 3 years
Sally - You hit the nail on the head. That is the most accurate statement about American birth I've seen in a while. Kudos for speaking up!
SallyBackhaus SallyBackhaus 3 years
The minute obstetrics tried to take responsibility for all births instead of the few that actually need medical intervention, it became more about what was cheaper for the hospital and more convenient for the doctor than what was healthy for the mom and baby. Because doctors (like everyone else) only know what hey are taught and because the AMA and ACOG work so hard to keep us ignorant, I'm surprised that many doctors are complaining, but I'm not surprrised how few of the complaints are being addressed.
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