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Passionate parents and doctors went head to head in what turned out to be a fairly heated debate on Wednesday's episode of The Doctors. Autism advocate and mother, Jenny McCarthy, her son Evan's doctor, Dr. Jerry Kartzinel, and J.B. Handley, co-founder of Generation Rescue were guests. They talked candidly with Dr. Jim Sears and Dr. Travis Stork about the 36 vaccinations American children are given. To see the second clip,


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elizabeth15369796 elizabeth15369796 3 years
Lets keep this real simple.You dont have to be a rocket scientist or a collage graduate to understand that there is definatly something wrong with the whole medical community.The greddy corporations will do anything to sell you a dream so they can make a profit.This is all about money.The corperations and the media control everythin and they will always try to defend what is not true.Every week they come out with new medicines. Our bodies are organic and origional and orgasmic,Why would you want to change what is natural.
Dr-G Dr-G 8 years
As a Doctor, I know that there is research and there are case studies. In the case of autism and vaccines the case studies weight heavily. All I need to hear is the hundreds of parents who say "my child was a happy, healthy two year old until that shot, and a day later he/she was lost". That is all I need to know.
lickety-split lickety-split 8 years
well my boobs are real :rotfl: next!
Chouette4u Chouette4u 8 years
"Ok McCarthy may not have great medical knowledge, but the parents need a voice as no one is listening. " Seems to me like there is already a lot of awareness about this. If you haven't heard that some people think vaccines cause autism, you're probably living under a rock. I don't understand why some parents of (young-ish) autistic children seem so angry about vaccines. They CHOSE to vaccinate knowing there is some suspicion of the autism link. Personally, I think vaccines are pretty safe (on the autism front anyway). I do think that there should be more research done regarding autism that looks for non-vaccine related links, as well as more research looking at the vaccines.
kty kty 8 years
the debate over autism will always be heated cause no one truly has the right answers about what causes it.parents will always be frustrated cause they want answers that doctors haven't found yet,they want a cure,to make their kids feel better,and it's ok as parents to want the best for our kids,but to blame vaccine when none of us are sure about it and it hasn't even been proven is wrong.instead of them arguing they should focus on founding a way to cure or reduced the effects of autism on kids.lickety split i can't really said that i know how you feel or understand but i pray they find a cure fast.
lickety-split lickety-split 8 years
1-there are things worse than death. 2-no one but jenny knows what happened at jenny's house. 3-statistics mean diddly shit until that .0001% visits YOUR house. 4-the doctors i have spoken to are NOT following 5-contrary to what the "good doctor" there says, the medical community as a whole does NOT want to help children with autism; they want to treat the herd. i have lost count of the doctors that havce REFUSED to treatment to my severely autistic daughter. 6-"why would i want to listen to you yell at me" :cry: he sounds like a fricking idiot. he thinks HE'S frustrated? try listening to someone who plays a doctor on TV talk about something that personally affected your family.
masonsmama masonsmama 8 years
I'm all for an educated debate on vaccinations, but the key is "educated" - Jenny McCarthy, for all the reading she's done and all the specialists she's talked with, is not an expert. Weighing the calculated risk of vaccination vs known communicable diseases shouldn't be a debate for TV personalities. Besides, I'm exhausted by all of the misinformation out there - if I read one more time about the danger of mercury in vaccines (which has not been present in vaccines in years), I think I'll lose it.
erinflower erinflower 8 years
I'm in agreement with snarkypants. As a parent of a child with aspergers I think she has done a bit of a disservice to many of us. The diet she loves didn't work for us and while we did delay vax and I agree that we don't need as many as are given, I don't think they caused my son's disease.
snarkypants snarkypants 8 years
jenny has no idea what she's talking about. i wish she would shut her big mouth.
michlny michlny 8 years
Jenny has become a great advocate. She speaks passionately but she's very levelheaded.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
I agree with Dr. Bachelor , its all about attacking and not about speaking calmly. Both sides are passionate but there is no need to get personal. I also agree with Jenny in that we dont NEED as many immunizations as we think we do. Chicken pox? let the kids have them.
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