For every woman that has ever had a haggard mom moment, you'll find a new hero in Frankie on The Middle. ABC's new comedy debuted last night offering viewers equal parts laughter and a reality check. Patricia Heaton plays a stressed out Midwest mother of three who balances her work as a used car salesman (who has yet to sell a vehicle) and raising her odd offspring. While lots of ladies dream of their kids becoming the best and brightest, Frankie who questions her maternal skills with Axl, Sue and Brick, would just appreciate a day without upset.

As the middle aged mama and her husband, Mike, parent the eclectic trio you can't help but crack up. Axl trudges around the house in his underwear, Sue is a mess who fails at everything and Brick's backpack is his best friend. While all of the characters are lovable, Brick's creepy habits from talking in a low voice to "soothe" himself to copping feels on his teacher make him the center of attention. Just when a viewer's skin begins to crawl, the youngster tells his mom that she's his hero and it's impossible not to melt. The Middle showcases all the things that go wrong in life and makes us appreciate them. After a long day of real life, mothers will find comic relief (and perspective!) while watching this sitcom.

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Photo courtesy of ABC