lilsugar is celebrating mamas-to-be all month with extensive baby shower coverage that will help you plan awwwww-inducing, unique, socially relevant and hip fetes. This week, we are planning an heirloom themed party that takes the phrase "something borrowed, something blue (or pink!) and something new" from marriage to the baby carriage. Now what you've downloaded your free invites for the festivities, it's time to plan your décor. I was inspired by a party held in honor of soon-to-be mom Nicole Balch, the owner of a store called Pink Loves Brown. Balch's friends found beautiful linen baby dresses and onesies and clothes and pinned them to twine hanging in the living room. The result is a delicate and cost-free banner that pays homage to forgotten treasures. For additional suggestions for setting a vintage, unassuming ambiance,


Pictures are worth a thousand words:
If you don't have oodles of heirloom clothes at your disposal consider asking guests to bring photos of themselves, their children, their children's ultrasounds or family members as babies and pinning those up around the room or party area. The pictures will not only create a nostalgic vibe, but will also spark conversation among guests.

Dressing up the rest of your space:
The aim of the heirloom shower is to keep things inexpensive and elegant, so don't worry about balloons or extravagant signage. Spruce up your table with fresh flowers from your garden or the farmers market and light a few delicate candles to set the romantic mood. If you are a stickler for details use teacups as candy dishes for old-timey treats and sprinkle them throughout the party. You might also float single gardenias in teacups of water in the bathroom or on the coffee table. Pick a specific color palate, like orange and brown or blue and pink like your invites — or take inspiration from the heirloom garments and keep things muted in creme, white, baby blue and pink.

Rock-a-bye baby:
Bust out the record player from grandma's garage and serve up some warm, classic tunes. If you don't have the ability to spin, make a sentimental playlist on your iPod and rock it over your speakers. Of course, talk to the mom-to-be about her musical preferences. There's nothing worse than having to listen to music you don't enjoy at your own party.

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