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High Doorknob at Pediatrician's Office

People Can't Decide If This Pediatrician's Doorknob Is Totally Fine or Illegal

This doorknob at a pediatrician's office is high enough to keep children from reaching it. from r/mildlyinteresting

What at first glance appears to be a joke photo of a doorknob in a pediatrician's office is actually leaving the internet fairly divided over whether the doorknob is illegal or not.

"This doorknob at a pediatrician's office is high enough to keep children from reaching it," wrote Reddit user wepa alongside a photo of the door, its knob sitting about three quarters of the way up. The parent added in a comment: "It's just a regular door that goes into the hallway. This is one of the exam rooms. They probably have other rooms that have better accessible knobs. I have a 2-year-old which is probably why they put me in this room."

Although some Reddit users found the photo an opportunity for a few jokes, others are questioning the safety and legality of the door.


Eventually the original poster chimed back in to say: "Guys stop freaking out about this knob! This was one of many exam rooms, I can't say for sure but I'm sure they use other exam rooms with lower knobs for people with disabilities," but as with anything on the internet, the people have not stopped freaking out. What are your thoughts on this door?

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