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New Baby Monitor Keeps Pulse on Baby's Vitals

When your baby is sleeping in another room, SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) is a valid concern. To ease parents' worries, a group of students from Winona State University have developed a high-tech baby monitor that can measure an infant's heartbeat, breathing, and movement, and even alert a doctor if something goes awry, reports Co.Exist.

The students, who call themselves the Miracle Workers, developed the blanket-looking device for Microsoft's annual student technology competition, Imagine Cup. A sensor-filled pad that is programmed with normal vital ranges according to different ages is placed on top of a baby's crib mattress. If the baby strays from the normal ranges while sleeping, then "the pad alerts the parents (and doctor if that option is selected) via a Windows Phone or tablet," according to the report.

The Miracle Workers say the device costs about $150 to manufacture, and they plan to sell it even if they don’t win the Imagine Cup. Would you pay that for peace of mind?

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AliciaAnderson72717 AliciaAnderson72717 4 years
I would pay more for peace of mind......but not for that device. Peace of mind can be placing the baby in your room if you're that worried about SIDS. Plain old baby monitors, static and all, were great for us.
KathyCallahanProsser KathyCallahanProsser 4 years
I definately think this is an awesome invention- where would these be sold?
rpill81 rpill81 4 years
I am all for these types of baby monitors I think its money well spent if it gives me comfort knowing my baby is ok. I am just curious Other than alerting a dr. if that option is selected how does it differ from the AngelCare monitors does anyone know? We had an angelcare video monitor when my son was born we had to replace it when he got older because he picked it up and smashed the reciever off the table. We ended up just buying a cheap one since of spending another $199.99 to replace ours. We are thinking of having a second baby and I really would love to get another baby monitor like the one we had before. This one mentioned seems to be something worth considering when/if the time comes.
TonyaKarnes55370 TonyaKarnes55370 4 years
I think this is an amazing product and certainly invest in one. I just wish we had known about this a few months ago. We recently lost our 4 month old nephew to sids and I think this might have made all the difference.
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