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Hilaria Baldwin on Why They Have So Many Kids

Hilaria Baldwin Shares Why She and Alec Are Having "So Many Children," Not That It's Any of Our Business

Being in the spotlight means that pretty much every decision you make is going to be put under a microscope — and Hilaria Baldwin's latest pregnancy is no exception. The soon-to-be mama of four swiftly answered her followers who questioned her reason for having so many children, in a straight-to-the-point Instagram post on Nov. 6.

She posted her "reason" in the caption of a sweet video of her three little ones milling around: "I have read a few comments about why we like having so many children that made me laugh . . . some say it must be a religious thing — it's not. Some say it's because [I] want all of Alec's money — babies are expensive, so I don't see how that makes any sense. Plus, like any married couple, it's all 'ours.' After nearly seven years together, five-plus years of marriage, and almost four kids: aren't we over that yet???"

In fact, Hilaria's reasoning for having babies with her husband is quite simple. "Here is why we like having babies: they are simply so lovely and bring so much joy. Plus, I feel like we need to populate this world with a whole next generation of really good people. My little Baldwinitos are such good souls and I hope they continue to grow and make this world a better place."

Since it's really none of our business anyway, her answer is definitely good enough for us.

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