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Hilarious Baby Costumes (PHOTOS)

Hilarious Baby Costumes (PHOTOS)

Was your baby's first costume a funny one? From a lobster in a pot to an adorable little sushi roll, these cute and funny baby costumes rounded up by the Huffington Post are some of the most hilarious and wacky ones we've seen!

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What was your baby's first Halloween costume?

Image Source: Via Huffington Post

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HeatherYambrovich HeatherYambrovich 5 years
My son at 1 week old was Nacho Libre and at 1 year old was Magnum PI. Not sure what to do this year!
ChantalKlassen ChantalKlassen 5 years
My daughter was a bag of groceries, complete with cabbage leaf on her head! Very cute, and along the same lines as the picnic basket.
SuzanneSullivan11367 SuzanneSullivan11367 5 years
I have two sets of twins boys, two years apart. The year that my second set was born we had 4 pumpkins...SO cute! Other years we had 4 M&Ms and 4 Teletubbies. My boys are 13 and 15 now. They can't stand the Teletubbies pictures!
LindaBradley25241 LindaBradley25241 5 years
When my son was 4 months he was a mouse and his 3 year old sister was a cat.
MeredithEly MeredithEly 5 years
My baby was peas. LOVED it! Highly recommend!
KathleenRoland691 KathleenRoland691 6 years
My twins had several cute costumes. They were 3 months old their first one and I had just returned to work so my sister bought them M&M costumes. Since then they were bags of Candy Corn, One was a slice of bread with peanut butter on it and the other was a slice of bread with jelly on it so a PB&J sandwich. On was a glass of milk the other was an oreo. They were also Thing one and Thing two before the Cat in the hat movie came out and not many people knew what they were (must of forgotten their childhood reading) most of the kids out knew what they were. They were also Tinkerbell and peter pan. I make all their costumes they may not be perfect but they help me make them and it's time they remember as fun time with mom. Once I made my daughter a car and used pie plated and flashlights for working headlights and the trunk of the car had a box attached inside so she didn't carry and trick or treat bag they would put the candy in the trunk.
WhitleyRhody WhitleyRhody 6 years
My daughter was 10 months and she was a pirate. HEr costume was black and pink and it was so cute. My son will be 10 months this Halloween. He is going as a lion to match his sister who will be Dorothy from the wizard of oz this year.
KristaFriend KristaFriend 6 years
This is hilarious!!!
CrystalBrown29631 CrystalBrown29631 6 years
I loved the picnic basket too! Cute! My daughter (2yrs) has been Cyndi Lauper and a pinata
AmyParks74604 AmyParks74604 6 years
A dragon
AmberChristy AmberChristy 6 years
Love the picnic basket idea! Too cute and to bad my baby is just too big for that. :p
TomicaLivingston TomicaLivingston 6 years
MY baby, only 4 months was a bag oF brown sugar. Cutest thing ever!
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