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Hillarious Things Kids Do With Adult "Toys"

What One Kid Does With Mom's Adult "Toy"

Toys, be them for adults or kids, are supposed to be fun. And it looks like one toddler had more than his fair share when he found his mom's gigantic, wiggly dildo. Luckily, Mom had a good sense of humor about her son's findings.

To see other adult toys that look too much like kids' toys, read the whole story on The Stir.

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TazTurner1378390007 TazTurner1378390007 3 years
Wow thanks dad,bf or husband for putting your spouses business on blast lmboo that's some dildo though omg!!!
Brianna14910708 Brianna14910708 3 years
I think it's hilarious. A bit in poor taste, but funny nonetheless. A friend of mine has a "body massager" that looks quite a lot like a microphone. Her tottler saw it and thought it was mommy's new microphone. Though she didn't get close enough to touch it, she wanted to. Would've died if they'd caught it on camera. Too bad I only heard the story.
juliadoherty juliadoherty 3 years
What a ding dong! Who posts that on social media. Co-workers, future bosses, mother in laws, that catty PTA mom, is that what you want them see when they google you? These things happen by all means have a laugh about it, tell your girlfriends. Posting it on the web can have a variety of negative concequences. Bad idea. Not to mention does the video feel staffed to you? Like daddy gave the kid the thing to have a little laugh as mom tried to retrieve it.
missnanny missnanny 3 years
How disgusting that someone would take this picture. Did the idiot decide to display it on the social media too? What idiots!
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