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Homemade Baby Food Recipe

OnSugar Blog: Oatmeal Apple With Goji Berries

Lots of moms create their own concoctions for their lil one's meals, and hazelnutt does too. Oatmeal Apple with Goji Berries comes from the Hazelnutt House blog on OnSugar.

This is a simple and fast meal to prepare for breakfast.

You'll notice that I like to add a couple of goji berries to most of the meals that I prepare. Goji Berries, aka wolfberries, is a staple in my family's diet. Chinese readers will probably know of this fruit which is often added to soups or vegetable dishes. I personally don't fancy its taste if i were to eat it straight out of the pack. However, when cooked, it tastes yummy. It reminds me of fattened raisins.

There are loads of claims about what Goji Berries can do for your health. For me, I like this dried fruit for its high antioxidant and lutein content. So, I'll add a few here and there when I cook for The Baby as it makes her food naturally sweet without me having to add any seasoning.

Want to get the entire recipe? Read the rest of hazelnutt's post here. Start following OnSugar blog Hazelnutt House or start your own OnSugar blog. We may just feature your content on LilSugar.

Join The Conversation
hazelnutt hazelnutt 7 years
woo :) thanks for the link! the pictures and the outdoor setting for dining is to die for!!! i've downloaded a few short domo clips for her to view but she doesn't seem to like them. She prefers to lug it around and fling it against the door.
charlenelalapine charlenelalapine 7 years
awwww. so cute! has she watched the cartoons? oh, and i stumbled upon this recipe blog and thought of you! but obviously the recipes aren't as healthy as yours : X
hazelnutt hazelnutt 7 years
Hi Joyce... yeah.. that's what i do sometimes too! don't u just love it? don't even need to add sugar :) hi hi Charlene, Domo is The Baby's good friend. every time she picks it up, she'll make a 'monster grunt'.
AtelierBeautyDOTCOM AtelierBeautyDOTCOM 7 years
I just added some into Chrysanthemum tea. DIVINE :)
charlenelalapine charlenelalapine 7 years
aww so cute!! :D my nephew just learned how to point and wave bye-bye.. can't wait to teach him new things too. and domo!!! :D hehe
hazelnutt hazelnutt 7 years
hi hi Joyce, i'm really not sure if u can mix caffeinated tea with wolfberry. I'll usually just scatter a handful, roughly 20 berries and add water & simmer :) and u've got yourself a lovely cup of wolfberry tea :)
AtelierBeautyDOTCOM AtelierBeautyDOTCOM 7 years
Can I brew lipton and add in the wolfberries? Do I need to soak the wolfberries beforehand?
hazelnutt hazelnutt 7 years
hihi MariAsh :) welcome to Hazelnutt House :) yups, i do that too!! sometimes instead of serving tea when guests arrive, i'll brew a pot of wolfberry tea instead. Hi Joyce, u tried brewing wolfberry tea? u can have your own personal pot... since your family doesn't like it :)
AtelierBeautyDOTCOM AtelierBeautyDOTCOM 7 years
I love Wolfberries, but no one in my family likes to eat it :(
MariAsh MariAsh 7 years
Nice :) I was a lazy mummy and resorted to instant cereal most of the time. Ha ha. Goji berries are good. I add some in hot water to simmer and drink in the office when I can remember. This lady boss of a Chinese Medical Shop at Raffles Place once told me that it can be used for DIY mask too. Never tried it though.
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