Homemade Play Dough Keeps Lil Hands Busy

Fifty years after the Play Doh Fun Factory first provided tots with endless hours of creative fun the soft molding dough is still making waves. While the original still reigns supreme, several organic versions of the soft stuff are making their way into eco-conscious homes.

Those not interested in shelling out the extra bucks for green versions of the popular play clay can easily – and inexpensively – create a ball of the stuff at home. With just a few household ingredients and 10 minutes time, your lil one can help you create a non-toxic version of the popular dough in his favorite color. Check out our recipe in the photos that follow.

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This is great! Playdoh contains gluten, so it's a problem for gluten-intolerant children or celiac children.
I can't wait to make this with my kids!
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