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Honor Roll Controversy

Mom Demands Her Son Be Removed From Honor Roll

Most parents would be proud to see their child's name on the honor roll. For one Florida mom, however, the accomplishment brought about confusion and a little bit of anger. Beth Tillack's son, a seventh grader at Pasco Middle School, came home with a report card of As, as well as a C and D. Despite the lower grades, her son's teachers praised his performance and placed him on the honor roll. This did not sit well with Tillack, who then asked the school to revoke the title saying that, "there is nothing honorable about making a D."

To see what the school's principal did, read the full story at The Huffington Post.

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Kyra15123321 Kyra15123321 3 years
I agree with the mother. In today's society we give credit to people just for showing up. There is nothing honorable about earning a D & a C, she's right. His good work should be acknowledged as well as other people who put effort into things, but just giving away awards that are meant for kids who actually deserve it is a different story. It may seem like a good idea, but it's just creating a more entitled, lazy and stupid generation of children. I always used to A's and B's & I decided to strive harder to get better. I ended up on high honor roll and it felt great because I actually earned it. I didn't get a pity reward. I got a reward for actual hard work. Giving him this reward when he knows he has some bad grades is only going to make him think that it's ok. That he can do well in some things and not care so much about the others and he will still get praise from his teachers and peers along with a certificate. What seemed like a good idea is actually detrimental to the kid. Thank God he has a real mom that doesn't care about gloating and having a bumper sticker about her son being on honor roll and actually wants him to push himself, do better, learn more and earn what he has. It will make a better person and a better member of society that way.
Kaye77 Kaye77 3 years
NaomiBouwer1381240310 NaomiBouwer1381240310 3 years
That poor child, his teacher obviously recognised his efforts that he made in all his subject. The teacher saw that itwas not a lack of trying getting the grades that he did. He must be so crushed knowing that his mom has taken an achievement that he obviously deserved away from him. I am sure putting a child on the honor role is not taken lightly by the teacher and school. My heart goes out to this young man.
KrystleBerger1384699367 KrystleBerger1384699367 3 years
I agree with the mother, though, I probably wouldn't take it to the school Instead, I'd explain to my kid that, while a mediocre school might think he'd "done enough", the real world is a lot harder and they don't tolerate "D"s.
April14377653 April14377653 3 years
Honour roll? Scrap it. Some gifted children are going to always get straight A's or the variant, but what does that teach the non Honour roll students? My crap is better than yours, nahanahnenah. Sounds elitist and places pressure on the students. We're all different, with different levels of intelligence and ability. End of Story.
Tracey95262 Tracey95262 3 years
I'm sorry, He's about 11
Tracey95262 Tracey95262 3 years
KimBlackburnHagan, I agree with you 100%. If you want to reap the awards, you have to get good grades. As a mom to a 2 year old (and hopefully more), I want to teach my daughter to put in the extra 100% on top of her 100% in whatever she does in life, especially school. The problem with this story that I'm having, and I'm pretty sure a lot of the other moms, is instead of her teaching her son to work hard and actually help him study, she goes on television and belittles him. I understand, that she feels as though the honor roll is meant for all A students, then she should have went to the principle in private, discussed her feelings and worked with them to try and figure out a way to help her son raise those grades. He can't do it be himself, he's only 8. I'm sure your children have those grades because you as their mother helped them when they needed you, you pushed them when they needed it and you helped them along the way, not televise it and belittle them. Thats the problem! She just shot his self esteem to shingles
KimBlackburnHagan KimBlackburnHagan 3 years
Anonymous anonymous I have to agree with you in today society we want to honor everyone even those who put in the smallest amount of effort instead of honoring those who put in 110% effort. This next generation eill be lazy snd expect to receive something for doing absolutely nothing. Its called honor roll not effort roll. Imagine how the child who received all A's may feel knowing that someone with a D made the honor roll? In high missed I missed graduating with high honors because I received a C in my AP Calculus class I didn't have a tantrum I just accepted it because I knew I didn't put in much effort in the class actually my goal was to get a C because I struggled in that class. Stop babying children and hold them accountable. And before you perfect mom's condemn me I. Have 3 children one is a senior whom will be graduating with high honors (top 10% of class) and 1 son that just made the principal honor roll (elementary) my youngest doesn't receive letter grades as of yet. I acknowledge effort. My son wants an xbox1 for the holidays I told him like my mother told mr do your absolute best and strive for the best in school and I will reward your success. I don't baby my children but hold them accountable.
margaretboyd88333 margaretboyd88333 3 years
''Christina 11513229''; REALLY ??? I have to say . I PITY any children YOU may have . Tying hard to please ''moms'' like you must be demorilizing for any child . PRAISE a child when they've done well and DON'T belittle them when they haven't .
margaretboyd88333 margaretboyd88333 3 years
Mom is a NASTY piece of work . What a truly truly vile woman . Her boy's grades have obviously greatly improved and instead of PRAISING her son she HUMILATED him instead . I bet he rushed home with his report card thinking that his phsyco mom would have been proud and instead she was angy and ashamed .Poor boy .
Tracey95262 Tracey95262 3 years
I feel so bad for the boy. I hope his mother didn't crush his self esteem by going on television, where everyone can see how she belittled him. I understand low grades are not to be praised but D*MN…As his mother, it's her job to help him, not go seeking attention. It looks bad on her part.
AprilAkiva AprilAkiva 3 years
I think it's outrageous not to applaud a child for his many accomplishments. We all have different strength and talents and children should not be expected to excel in everything. You can grow to be a successful person despite a poor grade in one subject. Now, if the boy wasn't trying or doing his homework, then I would agree with the mom
AshleyBurt AshleyBurt 3 years
Anonymousanonymous - yeah way to go mom for be pyscho? Wow. Just wow.
AshleyBurt AshleyBurt 3 years
We were only allowed on the honor roll with an A. I wouldn't have been all crazy about it though, especially if he was getting straight F's the previous report card then I think he did pretty darn good.
Jann15113722 Jann15113722 3 years
I am so disgusted by people who feel that effort should not be rewarded. Maybe this young person could not be perfect but maybe they tried their best. How many of our most successful people in this country and the world for that matter are people who had bad grades in school or even did not finish,,,at least this young person is still in school and making an effort,,,too much emphasis is on perfection and not on creativity and effort where it should be.
anonymousanonymous anonymousanonymous 3 years
Ugh! This entitlement society is getting out of control!! Honor roll is meant for students who attain a certain grade point average and get all A's and B's without a single C or D. This mom is completely correct because she doesn't want her son to grow up thinking it's okay to give 75% instead of 100%. Honor roll is for students who have done well in every subject not most of them. My kids' school gives honors and high honors. My daughter missed high honors because she received 1 B but the rest were A's. This is how it should be but instead our society gives trophies out to everyone and makes every kid feel like he/she is perfect without needing any improvement. It's okay to try a little because we will reward you anyway - this is stupidity at it's finest. Way to go Beth Tillack!!!!
Christina15113229 Christina15113229 3 years
I think her reaction is well justified. The teacher shouldn't have praised a D.
sarahscofield1370569874 sarahscofield1370569874 3 years
How about valuing him for who he is, who he is not and not measuring him for the grades he gets in one area of his life? How about asking how he feels and if he is struggling with something you can help him with. How about seeing the overall average for what it is...a measurement of his achievements at a particular time in his life? How about being happy he was recognized for his strengths rather than diminish them by comparison to a lower grade? How about recognizing it as an opportunity for him to experience pride and a boost in confidence that has the potential to inspire him to want and do more because it makes him happy and instills valuable self worth and encourages him to believe in himself. I understand why the mother took a stand. I don't understand why she couldn't communicate her views and opinions to her son and use the opportunity to guide him through a valuable life lesson instead of surrounding herself with people to enforce her demands and putting him in a solid position of defeat. We all enjoy being proud of our children's accomplishments but the pride shouldn't be because their achievements are perceived as a testament to parenting skills, or lack of, by parents-it should be about being proud of them and taking some comfort in knowing they are developing the skills they will need to succeed and be happy in life. Wouldn't be surprised if he decides not to try to do his best anymore because he isn't "perfect" and one little blip will result in more humiliation and disapproval. This could have been a great opportunity and example of what hard work can result in and give him reason to believe he has what it takes to turn that D into a C, B or an A. Hopefully he has people in his life who can see the full picture clearly and step up to give him the validation and respect he deserves. Just my opinion based on media information - that said after writing this I must admit I'm not as sad or disappointed as when I logged on...more like bordering on the cusp of anger at the ignorance that prevails in all the wrong places.
NicoleZenikMcChristian NicoleZenikMcChristian 3 years
I don't think a huge ordeal should have been made of this and now it's all over the news but YES YES YES she did the right thing. Its about time parents to accountability for their kids and not feel they should be praised for every little thing they do. It is GREAT that this child did have 3 As however my child makes full straight As and if they went to the same school I feel they should not be classified in the same way for grades that differ like this between 2 students. This new mentality of everyone gets a medal for participating is CRAP! People who work for what they want are the ones who succeed.
EricaWeeks22107 EricaWeeks22107 3 years
Certainally ev1 is entitled 2 his/her opinion & 2 some point I agree with what this mother did, but on another point I disagree. I don't feel as if the child's school was awarding him 4 getting a C's or D's and I think that she handled it badly. Instead of focusing on the A's that her child made 2 be deserving enough 2 make the honor roll in the 1st place she focused all her energy on the negative! Instead of encouraging her child 2 do better next time in the subjects he/she failed she asked the school 2 take the child off the honor roll which is crazy. I think that she was probably some kinda straight A student & expects way 2 much of her child and that's y she got all "bent-out-of-shape" over the fact that her child got one C & a D on his/her report card. If that's the case than she needs 2 take a step back & realize that her child is "not her" and clam down! I could see if the child got more than 1 or 2 C's or D's in his/her subjects than u could complain about the school awarding her child 4 getting bad grades, but this wasn't the case @ all! A students grades has always been based on his/her GPA so I really have no idea what this mother's issue was with her child being on the honor roll! Nowadays most students could care less about being on an honor roll because they r 2 busy worrying about other things so my real ? 4 this mother is would u rather ur 7th grader be on the honor or making babies or getting high with his/her friends & cutting class because with the attitude that ur having as a parent toward ur child and the school right now u better hope that u haven't damaged ur child's self esteem & confinece 2 continue 2 get good grades! **Its stories like this that make me wonder what's wrong with some parents these days! I mean really!:-\**
CoMMember13613549904472 CoMMember13613549904472 3 years
I agree with the concept. Students shouldn't be rewarded for a C or D. However, I wouldn't go as far as to broadcast it and belittle my child in such a way. I would go to the school, in private, and explain my point. Rewarding those who don't work hard is what has lead our country to feel "entitled," and I would explain that to my child. If we belittle our children then they would never feel good enough. My mom said to me 1 time when I was 8, "these are YOUR grades, it is YOUR life, if you choose to fail then YOU will pay for it, not me." I was a troubled teen & I knew that if I did bad in school I wouldn't be able to get scholarships for college and I would be forever stuck in a town I hated. I graduated 26th out of over 400 students with a 1 year old daughter and plenty of awards. I cared about my was how I was going to make something of myself. I had plenty of friends who's parents got really upset with bad grades: they yelled, screamed, grounded them. None of those kids did good in school. They all quit trying. I made my share of F's on test. I gave it my all I just didn't get it. If my mom would have exploded on me I too probably would have shut down, instead I had the mentality to "do better next time." School is like learning anything else...trial & error. Don't freak out over a bad test grade, encourage and help your child to do better next time. That, in the end, will help avoid a bad report card grade!!
mnwatson1 mnwatson1 3 years
I completely agree with her. Honor roll in my school growing up was based on your grades: all A's got the high honor roll, having nothing lower than a B got regular honor roll. That made it more fair, so a child really had to work every quarter to not only get, but also maintain the grades in ALL their classes, rather than working hard the first 3/4 of the year and skating by the last quarter. For those who think that this was unfair or selfish or crappy of the mom to do: why would you reward your child for getting grades that were "average" or "below average" (C's and D's respectively) when it's all too obvious from the other grades on their report cards that they can do better? I think she did the right thing. I would do it too. Good for her!
Eve31921 Eve31921 3 years
I don't think I would've gone as far as having my child removed from the school's honor roll. News flash -- life's unfair. I've seen time and time again in the workplace how mediocrity is rewarded. I guess the cynical in me would argue that this school's simply preparing students for "real life." For example, in our school district, a student's grades in Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies are the only ones they consider in evaluating Superintendent / Principal / Teacher's Awards. However, I let my own children know that they must strive to do their best in EVERY class, not just those 5. I give them extra rewards commensurate with their accomplishments, and deal with unsatisfactory grades accordingly. If I see that they truly tried their best, then perhaps they just need extra tutoring. On the other hand, if they kept missing homework/project deadlines or getting low test grades because they've used their time on iPad/iPhone games/videos or hanging out with friends, then those privileges are taken away.
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