When I realized I was pregnant, I knew I was embarking on a long and arduous, be it, exciting time of my life. Knowing that my body was going to take a hit for the process, I expected my hubby to treat me like a queen. Little did I know, my tiara would look more like devil horns.

To see why I evolved into a demonic crab,


On the surface, pregnant women deal with changes like swollen feet and burgeoning bellies but it is inside where the massive changes are taking place. While the babe grows, the mama's hormones rush like a raging bull.

One night, I asked my mate to take out the trash and walk our rent check upstairs while I finished dinner. He absolutely did not want to do either as it was drizzling outside. At first we joked about it but I felt if I was going to cook, he could do those quick chores. In a flash, I went from a jesting laughing wife to a cloven–footed Cruella De Vil type character.

My man finally fell prey to my hellish pleas and took the trash to the curb. Once he was out the door, I locked it. And, wouldn't let him back in until he dropped off the check, too. I thought this was funny, but he didn't. He caved, but later that evening, I was the one petitioning for forgiveness.

The next time I'm expecting, I hope I'll have a better hold on my horns.