MTV's new show 16 and Pregnant about kids having kids is hard to watch. Last night's episode featured Maci and Ryan, a Chattanooga, TN, couple who accidentally conceived and were staying together to raise their baby. At 16, Maci got pregnant by her first boyfriend while doing the "hokey pokey" and announced the news to her mother via a text message. After 30 hours of labor, she gave birth to their healthy and darling son, Bentley.

While the teenage mama enrolled in college, worked part time for her father, and participated on dance team, her mom babysat. New papa Ryan worked, exercised, hung out with his friends, and slept. Though he barely held the baby and acted annoyed anytime his fiancé asked him to feed or change the infant, he showed his love for his lil boy by getting an enormous tattoo of his son's name across his body. While MTV is trying to give teens a sneak peek at the realities of young parenthood, it's impossible to view the program and not feel sorry for the poor kids born into these ignorant situations and worry how their lives will pan out.